The Unexpected —inkwell weekly prompt

Favouritism seems to be the order of the day in Mr Udoka's family as who is to head Mr Udoka's telecommunication company has totally turned the brothers against themselves. The eldest son — Ebuka, believes it is his birthright as the first son of his family while the younger ones are not ready to give in to belief. Their mother wasn't shy in letting everyone know who she supports. Her last son — Ebere, has always been her choice and she hesitates in not making it known.


Mr Udoka is a well respected man in Umuaku village and has not only lived up to his title name — Ichie Egogbaka. He is a selfless man that doesn't think twice when it comes to helping and uplifting the poor. Oftentimes when he travels home, he calls the less privileged to his compound in order to help and support them. However, the lack of peace in his home due to the fight between his sons as to who will take over from him as the chair of his company has been a burden and the cause of his high blood pressure. He's a 70 years old man, who has made his intention of handing over his position known to his family. And hence the reason behind the chaos in his family.

"Darling, have you decided on who you will be handing over to our sons?" His wife — Mrs Mary, asked. At the right time, everyone will know his fate, my lawyer is yet to get my will ready. He said that everything will be ready at most in a month's time. He replied. But you know Ebere has been a wonderful and hardworking son. He understands how the company functions and has a strong relationship with most of the company's partners — he is the perfect match, she exclaimed. Yeah, thanks to you, I know everything that's going on in this family but time will tell, the husband responds as he lays on the bed to sleep.

Through the help and advice of his mom, Ebere was able to lobby for support among the key players in the company to know if they would influence his father's decisions in any way. He even went to the extent of ganging up with some touts to kidnap his brothers at different occasions and making them accept to decline the offer if any of them happens to be the chosen one.

A week to the day the lawyer is to come, Mr Udoka called his four sons together to have a talk with them. At the sight of each other, the arguments and quarrels between them intensified. In an effort to calm everyone down, Mr Udoka was mistakenly pushed by Ebuka and he fell and collapsed. Before he could be rushed to the hospital, it was already too late. Due to his age, all the doctors were able to do was place him on a life supporting machine, which sustained him for just a night.

The next morning the news of Mr Udoka's death got to his family. Knowing what's at stake, his sons insisted that his will must be read before he can be buried. They invited his lawyer, and to their greatest surprise, the unexpected happened. It was discovered that Mr Udoka had a son — John, with a woman he was in a relationship with. Mr Udoka's family had no idea about his son and to their greatest surprise and shock, Mr Udoka chose him to take over from him as the chair of his company.

Life they say is full of both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. That fateful day was the day of the Udokas, as the Unexpected happened to them!

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