The Coronation — The inkwell weekly prompt.

Prince Udoako is the eldest son of king Ebube of Umuanu Kingdom, with prince Omekagu being his only brother. Prince Udoako is pained by the act of favoritism shown towards Omekagu by both the king and queen from childhood. To take his mind off the special treats given to his younger brother, he always keeps to himself and plays with his opí (Igbo local trumpet made from the horn of a rhinoceros). His Opí has always been his best friend from childhood as he only talks and expresses his emotions via it.

In the whole of Igbo culture, the eldest son of the king is the rightful successor of the crown, and that of Umuanu kingdom is not different. However, King Ebube out of the love he has for Omekagu decided to make him the crowned prince. He spoke with his wife — the queen, about his decision and she concurred with him. However, on getting to the elders, they frowned at it stating that custom demands that the first son — Prince Udoako, be made the crowned prince. King Ebube gave no listening ear to what his elders told him and went ahead to tell Prince Omekagu that he has decided to make him the crowned prince.

After 14 market days, King Ebube called for a feast where he will let the villagers know of his decision to make Prince Omekagu the crowned prince. On that fateful day, the villagers gathered at the palace for the coronation. In no time, King Ebube came out with a cup of palm wine, hailed his people and decleared the ceremony open. There were much to eat and drink. After different presentations by different age grades, it was now time for the event of the day — the coronation of Prince Omekagu. "Umuanu Kingdom kwenu!" he hailed them, you all know the reason for our gathering here today, we are all here to officially recognise my son, Prince Omekagu as the crowned prince of our great kingdom. The people weren't happy on hearing this but since it is the decision of the king, they had no choice but to accept.

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King Ebube called on Omekagu to come to the stage where he will present him to the people as the crowned prince. As he was going, Prince Udoako went outside with his opí. It was too much for him to bear. He has been accommodating other special treats given to Omekagu but giving up his rightful position was too heavy for him. He blew his opí saying "my opí kill Omekagu, Omekagu has eaten the food of the dead, if you kill Omekagu for me, I will offer sacrifices to you! " On dropping down the opí, Prince Omekagu collapsed on the stage. The King and the elders rushed towards him but he has already died. King Ebube became restless as he sent for the chief priest.

On getting there, the chief priest looked at Omekagu's corps, he turned and told the king to ask for Prince Udoako's forgiveness, that he's the only one that can bring Omekagu back to life! The king and his elders with the queen ran to Prince Udoako begging and asking for his forgiveness. It wasn't easy but Prince Udoaku accepted their apology. He took his opí blew it and told it to resurrect Omekagu. On ending his song, Prince Omekagu stood up. And everyone was happy.
Prince Udoaku — the rightful heir to the throne, was now decleared the crowned prince!. Everyone danced and made merry in celebration of his coronation.

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