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Mission Impossible — Inkwell Writing Prompt

It was so real that he felt the presence of the star directly opposite him while lying on his bed that night. As usual, he was led by the star to the same place — a strange island with several unrecognisable stones that glitters like the star, with the surrounding glowing grasses.

"What could be the meaning of this dream"? He pondered in his mind on waking up. "For a few days now, I have been having this dream all night… And why am I always waking up at the sight of those unrecognisable stones"? He continued. "Time has come for me to do something about this dream, its persistence makes it look like a message. I would have to speak to my father to hear what he has to say." He concludes, nodding his head in agreement with his inner thoughts.

On entering the sitting room and seeing Michael lost in his thoughts, Michael's dad asked; "My son, what is eating you up? Talk to me, what is the problem"? "Papa, it's a dream that has been tormenting me for a while now. The more I try not to pay attention to it, the more it becomes more real whenever I lay down my head to sleep." Michael responded. Tell me about the dream, son, his dad said.


"For some days now whenever I lay down to sleep, I am always being led to a particular Island by a star. In the land are so many glittering stones with such amazing surrounding grasses. On getting too close to the stones, I often wake up." Michael narrated. "What do you think could be the meaning, dad?" He asked. "It's hard to tell son, next time you have such dreams, try putting something down — draw the environs of the forest. With that, you might be able to locate the place with the help of a map." Michael's dad responded.

As usual, Michael still had the same dream. However, he was able to put down a drawing of the place. The next day, he called on his dad to assist in locating the place. It was quite a tough nut to crack. The day is almost over and they are yet to figure it out. Michael's dad had gotten tired but Michael insisted on not giving up. " Dad! Come and look at this, think I have got something!" He called on his dad. His dad regained strength from nowhere and rushed towards Michael.

"Micheal no! You won't go there! Since I was born I have never heard nor seen anyone that went there and came out alive. However, stories have it that all the efforts of many men that attempted were all in vain, as they never came out alive. So let go of that dream, it will only lead to your destruction." Michael's dad advised after recognising the forest — that houses the Island, Michael has been seeing in his dreams.

"Dad, for this to have been in my dreams this long, I think I am the one to change the narrative. It seems I am destined to do this. That's why mother nature itself has been leading me towards it." Michael said, in an attempt to convince his father.

In all his efforts to convince his dad, none has yielded the desired result. So he decided to go on with his plan without his consent. While strategizing on how to enter the forest, a thought flashed through his mind; "maybe I should enter the forest in the night, since the star has been the only source of light in the dream." He thought. "If so, then I would need to replicate all the scenes in the dream. With that, things might just happen as it did in the dream." He hypothesized thoughtfully.

Michael left for his journey the next day. After travelling for about two days, he finally arrived at the town housing the forest around 5:30 pm. So he waited for a few hours before commencing his journey into the forest. Michael remained motivated through his journey even in the presence of some barriers. While still trying to maintain his current state of mind, the appearance of the star a while after he got into the forest boosted his confidence and hope.

It wasn't an easy journey but mother earth worked in Michael's favour, as he was guided throughout the journey by the star. The mission that was termed impossible by his father was accomplished. He got to the Island and it was just like he saw it in his dreams. It was a land rich in diamonds. He was able to gather the ones he could before returning home. His family and the village as a whole never remained the same after his return.

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