A New Year Gift— The Inkwell prompt.

Ebuka, I am tired of waiting to carry my grandchildren o. You are my only son and you know time is not by my side. I have told you to impregnate any lady and bring her to me here in the village, I will take care of her and the baby. Why wait till when you start making millions or even billions before you start making plans about having a family. Ebuka's mom bitterly complained while on a call with him.

Mama, better leave me alone, must you bring this up anytime we talk on the phone? I have told you times without numbers that I will settle down when the time is right. Please give Papa the phone he said — with the intention to avoid the topic, as the dad barely bothers him about that. But to his greatest surprise, his dad declined and told him to listen to his mom. His plan didn't work as usual, so he had no other option than to listen to all his mother had to say.


Actually, my parents are right. The end of the year will make it 4 years since I finished university and am yet to secure a good paying job. This teaching job can barely sustain me. And I don't wish to bring children to this world when I am incapable of taking care of them. But I am not getting any younger, Ebuka said to his roommate Emma. My guy, I understand you perfectly, how about those jobs you've been applying for since?. You mean none of them called you? How about that recent one you applied for the position of a manager, they have not called too? Hmm, that's really bad, he said.

I have carefully been making my applications but I am yet to get a call or text from any of them. I have even given up on everything, Ebuka replied. Don't give up man, the year has almost ended, the new year will be better than this year. Emma encouraged his friend.

Ebuka is a God fearing man, who has wholeheartedly been serving him. He has never failed to tell God about his desire anytime he prays. But nothing new has happened.

During the cross-over night (31st night) service at his church, Ebuka prayed and danced like a fulfilled man. As he was dancing, a thought came to his mind that he should write out his new year's resolution and submit to the altar. And he did just that.

The church service closed around 2:30 AM of the new year. Ebuka was going home while wishing his friends new year wishes, when his phone got a notification from Gmail, requesting him to make some changes in his account settings. After making the changes, he decided to check his inbox.

As he was scrolling through the numerous mails (as he barely checks his email) he received, his attention was drawn to a particular one sent from the official email of the company he applied for the position of a manager. The mail contains a congratulatory message stating that he has been offered the job. The email also stated that if he fails to reply to the mail before 2nd of January, they will assume he rejected the offer.

Ebuka couldn't believe what he was seeing. He sang and thanked God for beginning the new year with good news!

Thanks for coming around. Season greetings and Happy New Year to the Inkwell family!

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