The Ink Well Prompt #48: The Unmerited Inheritance

Dede, can you please check who is at the gate, I need to run an errand for the boss.

Okay, Dad, I will do just that but please come back on time because I have to get home, prepare dinner and do my assignment so I can sleep on time because I've got an early morning class tomorrow.

Okay, son, I will be back before you even close your eyes

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Dede's father on his way back from the errand was hit by a hit that never stopped to help him and that ended his life.

When the news got to Dede, the young boy knew schooling for him has ended because his father was the only person he had after his mother died due to cancer. After the burial of his father, he dropped out of school and started searching for jobs but got none.

Luckily for him, his father's employers decided to accept him as their new security personnel since they knew and trusted him.

For years, Dede tried to save up his monthly wages so he could go back to school but the money he was paid was not even enough to meet his need not to even save enough for school but Dede kept believing in God that one day he was going to go back to school and become the Engineer he wanted to be.

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Dede his boss's wife called him, can you please go to the market for me, I am ill and as you know my husband traveled and will be coming back any time soon, I need to prepare something delicious for him.

Okay, ma, Dede got the list of the foodstuffs he would be buying and the money and left for the market immediately. He decided to board a cab so he would be quick.

When he got to the market, he bought the few things he would be needed, and returning home, he decided to board a tricycle.

When he got home, he did not find his boss's wife in the parlor and decided to go and drop the shopping bag in the kitchen.

Mistakenly, the bag of foodstuffs fall when he dropped it in the kitchen, so he decided to bend down and pick the few things that fall out of the bag, then he found a black bag inside the bag.

He became confused as he knew his boss's wife never gave him such a bag when he finally opened the bag, he found some important document inside the bag.

He picked the bag and left for his post, while searching the bag, he realized the old man he had helped into the tricycle might have been the one to have dropped it mistakenly.

The man could not get into the tricycle, so he had to come down and assist him, just maybe that was when the man had mistakenly dropped his bag, Dede thought.

Fortunately, he saw his business card in the document and decided to call the number. He called the number and fortunately, someone picked directing him where to come.

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Dede got to the mansion he was directed to and was in awe, he was taken inside to meet the old man and the man was so happy he helped him bring back his document.

The man got his name and his number and promised to reach out to Dede and also asked Dede to reach out to him whenever he needs help.

The man showed appreciation for Dede's kindness and finally, Dede returned to his workplace.

Four years later

Dede graduated from the university and decided to apply for a job in a particular firm he had always had eyes for.

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On the day of the interview

Interviewer: Mr. Dede, your papers are good but unfortunately, you have no working experience, so I am not sure the CEO would love to employ you but we will get back to you in four working days

Dede felt disappointed that he would not be given the job in his dream company but thanked them and left praying in his heart that the CEO will change his mind and decide to give him the job on a trial first.

A few days later, Dede got a notification informing him of his employment approval and was asked to start work immediately.

Dede worked wholeheartedly and was humble to his superiors and colleagues, everyone like him. A year after he was given a new apartment and a car for being the best worker in the company.

Two years later, it came to their notice that the CEO died as a result of illness and will be buried. Although Dede has never seen the man but his colleagues have told him so much about the man.

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One month after the CEO's burial, an attorney came looking for Dede, informing him that he needed to sign and get the inheritance the whole man had willed to him as his last wish. It was time for him to get all the inheritance left behind for him by the CEO who happened to be the old man who he helped return his documents.

It came to his notice that the late CEO left behind all his wealth for him and he was the reason why Dede was accepted to work in the company with little or no experience.

Dede could not believe his ears and did not want to believe since he wasn't aware and never knew his CEO was the old man he had helped a few years back until after the old man died.

It means I have an Inheritance", Dede said with tears in his eyes, he knelt and thanked God for the unmerited inheritance he has gotten all because he helped the old man.

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The old man left behind a lot of money, houses, cars, and companies for Dede as an inheritance.

This is my first time writing a story and I must confess, it took me two whole days to put words together but I am happy I was able to write the story to the end.

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