I have some amazing friends who are very good with making conversations. They can talk with anybody, anywhere and anytime. I do watch them in awe.

I have seen them talk to complete strangers and in few minutes, they looked like best of friends. They always have what they like, even the prettiest and well shaped of ladies.

Here and there, I always look at myself. I don't have their boldness, ability to 'street' things and enough words to navigate myself into people's heart.

I always wonder why I couldn't?

A closer look at their lives portrays a different reality.

Ladies they find easy to date, they find easy to dump. They've never had stable relationships since I've known them; and they don't feel sorry about it. In fact, they have enough justifiable reasons for that.

I've heard them talk about being broke many times. They know people who could help them but had never used their social skills for fund raising. Because they could if they would, they always feel they shouldn't.

They also have short interest span. They can't stay with something for long. I've watched their spiritual lives on many occasions. They are no fan of the church, God, or any superior life long commitment.

It amazes me how they've been surviving.

If I had their skills, I would have met people and gone places I shouldn't have. There are many things I shouldn't have attempted that I would have unveiled. None without its repercussion.

While I do not preach stagnancy, resistance or unwillingness to change, I do believe we should appreciate and celebrate ourselves. We are good enough. And God, in his wisdom, made us so.

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