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Johnson family


Life was sweet but at that moment it tasted bitter in the mouths of the Johnson family. They had come together after about 5 years as an extended and separated family. It all started as a lovely gathering when everyone started to gather at the family house. The main occasion was Jimmy's graduation from college, it was a long ride for 5 years but it was finally coming to an end.

Jimmy came back home with his friend Timothy for the graduation. Timothy was his childhood friend who also attended the same university as Jimmy, they became so close they were roommates till they graduated. But they both nursed a secret, one they planned to reveil at the family gettogether.

They were both welcomed by Jimmy's mom and aunty who greeted them at the gate. Miss Elda had been divorced for 2 years now and she was so happy to see her son and Timothy. They met Jimmy's grand parents inside smoking pot, it wasn't a surprise that they were also very happy to see him.

The menace started that evening when Jimmy stood in front of the family to tell everyone his secret. An hour ago his father Mr John had unexpectedly visited with his new girlfriend Miss Jana, miss Elda's best friend. There presence had made everyone uncomfortable except Jimmy who missed his dad.

Jimmy was seconds away from announcing to his whole family that he was gay, and he had been having an affair with his best friend Timothy, when suddenly Timothy announced that he was having an affair with Jimmy's mother and he wanted to marry her. In fact she was 3 months pregnant for him and they were keeping the baby.

Still in the process of absorbing the shock, Mr John also announced that he had proposed to Jana and she said yes. They were both getting married in a months time.

Timothy's life was about to graduate into the next stage of crazy.

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