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Kunle Just stepped out of the barber's shop when his phone lit up, a message came in, he lip-read the message like someone meditating, mouthing silent prayers, the demeanor of his face came alive when he saw "Four million naira", he couldn't scream, he kept looking at it while mouthing certain statements still, then he jumped up, tried to compose himself and the obvious joy on his face as he waved down a bike.

"I'll buy a land in Ajah first"
Kunle said to Dayo,
who had been looking at him intently, like a child waiting his share of the cookies.

" Then I'll start building a two bedroom" Kunle added
"Ok that's good but you need to start a business" Dayo said then he picked up his soda and drank a little,
" You know the money will keep reducing unless you start a business"
Dayo had started smiling before adding "now that you're a big man".

Fatima's stomach ached a little when she woke up, the bean cake and garri she had taken with Kola the previous night was having an effect on her stomach, at least it 'Kola gives me money' she told herself as she switched on her phone and saw a text message from her friend Hadiza, Hadiza was a lousy social media fanatic, she lived there, online. Fatima's reply was

"So fortune did shine on Kunle after everything" she waited for Hadiza's message then sighed and threw the phone away, she taught of calling Kunle, but she didn't know what she would tell him, 'congratulations' maybe she taught. Then she went and took her bath and set out for the market since it was a weekend.

Kunle got a land in Ajah and started building, He had asked Dayo to help him get into the textile business since Dayo's aunt deals in importation of clothes and accessories. Kunle's business grew fast and the monthly income he got from it was up to his five months salary in his previous job.

"I've told you to leave him, but you refused" Hadiza said as looked at Fatima with a slight irritation in her face,
"now he's begging you for money" she added,
"Go back to Kunle, he's now a big boy" Hadiza said bitting her lips,
" you think I haven't taught about it?" Fatima said look confused,
" He won't even look at me, not after what I did to him because he was poor" Fatima said as she looked away from her Hadiza hoping to see the solution of her problem creeping by.

Kunle stared at the incoming call on his phone for what seemed to be an eternity before answering.
"What do want Fatima" he said, as the roundness if his face became more obvious, then concluded abruptly
"You're a gold digger Fatima, learn to work for your money, trust me you'll enjoy it"
he then hung up and dropped then phone back on his office desk.
"I need a haircut" he grumbled, rubbing his right hand in his head.

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