The Tamer


It's that time of the day I don't like and it still baffles me to let me drown down the drain after all that has happened in life, shouldn't life be easier now?
I wouldn't answer that question, not just yet because everything had been in control until I realized that there had been no control from the onset.

Why make them if you can't keep them?

One question on my mind.

Reality had to set in as I jumped out of bed and kissed my tamer on her forehead as I decided to take a cold shower and join her in bed again.
The phone rang but was already in the shower and the phone didn't stop ringing and my tamer didn't even move a muscle, it just became glaring that she wasn't ready to pick up the phone so I enjoyed my bath till I was ready to be out.

Bimpe, Good morning, the only words I heard while drowning in the bathtub even as I thought it was all playing in my head.
He's in the shower, the words that brought me back to reality.

Silence returned as I opened the door.
Chioma, my tamer just smiled at me as she proceeded into the bathroom to cool off.
It's been two months I and my tamer, chioma knew each other, as I was punched her hard two months ago while the bouncer at the club and I had how fist ready for each other.
My bad because I have a short fuse that goes off easily allowing me to become a wild beast at the slightest irritation.

I was only just stepping into the club when I couldn't move my feet to take the next step, I was restricted from moving by the bouncer.
I was deep in my head because I ought to be called and not held, damn there was a spark in my head landing the bouncer with a punch on face while he returned a fist to my ribs, moving forward to dash out another punch, the bouncer dodged it and Chioma was all that my fist rewarded.
Immediately, I was numb because she fell to the ground and didn't move again.
Damn, what have I done?, I yelled at myself.

That was how Chioma became my tamer because after that incident I had to conscious and intentionally learn how to control my impulse.
Today, narrating the incident would be the best thing that has ever happened to me in a long time, finding a soulmate.
It's destiny, right?
I guess too.

I heard you mention Bimpe, what did she want?, I inquired as Chioma closed the bathroom door without a response or making eye contact.
All I had to do was lay down on the bed and wait for her to be out.

What's today? Chioma asked as she opened the door and walking towards the wardrobe.
I remain quiet for the next three second as I tried to make meaning to the question which wasn't necessary.
Bimpe called to let you know that you are missing your birthday, how could you forget such a day?

Who does that?

Apparently, I Rufus does that.
Who's Bimpe by the way? She sounded like a sweetheart.

Yeah, she is. We dated sometime ago and everything just went down the drain, she was a good one but not a keeper.

So, I'm not a keeper right? You didn't care to let me know apparently you guys have been seeing each other even till two months ago and you never cared to mention her even once making me would like a nobody on the phone as she mentioned your birthday, your birthday is today, Rufus.

I'm sorry dear, I didn't care about anything else after the incident that brought you into my life.
Not that I don't care about anything but I was learning how to be the better person that you've transformed me too and I'm not saying all this as an apology or anything but you are just The One.

Will you marry me?

The room came to a standstill immediately Chioma who was moving about the room talking and listening, paused abruptly without words as her eyes were opened wide like they wanted falling off it's socket.
*Let me take you out for your birthday you didn't inform me about first, then I'd think if I'd marry you, Mr Rufus.

Do you think Chioma, the tamer amswer is Yes?

Thanks for visiting my blog, till next time.

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