The Bond

Life is what you take it to be and don't get me misconstrued.
I've thought a lot about what I want my future to be times without number, pardon me there.
I've built a life for myself times without number and with justification, taking a look back from when the building started, I've not don't what would have made me achieve those set goals.

Hannah scribble the words down in her daily journal...

The hopes of dreams getting achieved, the climax of attainment that align themselves the meet us and the reward of self satisfaction is all I craved for and that has got me to this point.

It's one thing to know what you want, it's another thing to know how to get it, it's the will to get it that pushes one to attain it and it's the action to get that brings the reward and I'm just at the first step, "knowing what I want.


A knock on the door interrupts Hannah's thinking but she ignores it because this is actually the blind truth she's writing. But the knock continues two more times, interrupting her two more times yet she ignores thinking this person would leave.

After hours of self reflection and connecting with herself indepthly before her daily chores, Hannah remembers that there was someone pestering her time alone with herself.
Getting to the door, the fragrance was recognizable, she couldn't be wrong as she dashes first to her phone before opening the door.

10 missed calls and all was from My Hero.

Oh no, I hope he's still here, Hannah yells.

Opening the door, there was no one so she runs outside and there he sat, her Hero in his white Jaguar sitting with a smile as she could see clearly from the windshield.

My love, I'm sorry, my phone was on silence, I didn't hear the phone ringing, Hannah said.

Don't worry, I guess you were at your quiet time, at least you learnt well from me, Her hero said.

You remember when you were 16 years of age that you came to the studio without getting a reply from me for over two hours then when Roxy came back from the spa, you ran running with tears that something is wrong with me.

She smiled at her hero as his eyes were only fixated at her as she was just a replica of her mum's beauty.

Father and daughter have had this relationship for a long time and the death of Hannah's mum only made the van dar waal bond that existed between she and her hero an electrovalent bond.
Hannah's father loved Roxy with a passion that was beyond comprehension, the love between Hannah and her late mum was beyond question.

Hannah grew up being mummy's girl and she being the only child of the family meant she only had one female in her life that really understood her.
Her Hero on the other hand was a reserved, calm and emotionally man, he was entangled with work but always made time for his family.

He is an architect that always needed time to be creative and that made Hannah distant from him at childhood because she felt always being in his study meant he never needed anyone.
Before mum died she tried to make it clear that he always needed that space but when her hero was out the study he's always ready to make up for the time.
Mum's sudden death changed their lives for good, pop always ready for his babygirl, Hannah and Hannah being caught up with exploring her life.

Hannah has grown to understand being alone to exhibit the best nature of self that her father always needed.

Calling her father her hero is because it only became clearer to her when mum died when she was twenty, was that her father was always there for her mum, loving and caring for her.
Her hero was always available for every of school play while teaching her the best values of life from a distant.
It was glaring he was hero always there watching over her mum and her in silence.

Let's go inside, let me cook you a breakfast and tell you what's been happening since the last time you came.

Thanks for visiting my blog, till next time.

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