I Know What You Did


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Trinity was pounding all out down the sidewalk then skidding around the corner at the edge of the cemetery. Reaching the open gate a few steps away she grabbed the wrought iron bar and swung herself inside, almost tearing her shoulder out of the socket in the process.

Still running at full tilt she headed for the old section of the cemetery, a place she knew well since her dear Nana had been interred here for a little under a month. Her heart pounding, she tried to control the gasping for air while listening for the sounds of pursuit. Peeking around the vine-covered headstone she could see no signs of that asshole Jeremy Dickerson.

Feeling a little safer and calming slowly down she crawled over to Nana's gravesite and sprawled in the grass next to the bouquet of bright yellow daisies she'd left there just yesterday. It had become a habit in this difficult time since losing Nana to a hit-and-run accident to talk to her grandmother while visiting.

"Nana, I don't get it! I was walking home minding my own business when that creep Jeremy Dickerson jumped out and slammed me against the fence. He shoved some scrap of paper at me that said I KNOW WHAT YOU DID and started screaming that he wasn't about to let me ruin his life."

"I have no idea, Nana, what that paper meant, I sure didn't write it and I don't know why he thinks it was ME. You should have seen the look in his eyes, like a madman. He was going to try and drag me back in the alley and pretty sure it wasn't just to talk. By pure instinct, I slammed my knee in his, ummmm, groin, and took off running. Thank God, I got a good enough head start before he could straighten up again that I made it to the gate and got in here without him seeing me."

Trinity stopped talking and reverted back to thinking over all that she had learned this summer, right before Nana's tragic loss. And to think about the fact that the hit and run driver who had fled the scene had never been caught lent an element of rage to her already battered emotions.

Nana had just recently given Trinity the low down on her "inheritance"
and she had died before being able to fully explain things. Trinity missed her so much! It had been a total shock to Trinity to learn that she was born into a long line of white witches, and the powers were passed from grandmother to granddaughter, skipping a generation each time. So her own mother knew absolutely nothing about this and therefore was no help at all in helping her understand.

Trinity stretched out and laid her cheek on the cool ground. She wished with all her heart that Nana was still with her. She was so confused about what her "powers" entailed and now she was also scared to death about Dickerson and what would happen when he caught up to her again.

"Trinity, I'm here with you dear. Open your mind and we can talk."

Trinity's head jerked up and she looked around. That was Nana's voice!

"Yes, dear, it's me, and we don't have much time. Since today is Halloween, our special day, this will be the one chance every year that we can talk when you come to visit me. Now listen carefully. That boy is chasing you because HE is the one who ran over me and left the scene. He thinks you are the one that wrote that note, so that's why he is after you. He is a real danger to you and I need to explain to you how to protect yourself."

Just then boots clopping on the asphalt trail and heavy breathing alerted Trinity that Jeremy had come looking for her in the cemetery after all. After just hearing that this monster had been one to kill her Nana she was overcome with a rage that she'd never imagined possible. All thoughts of caution flew out the window and she jumped to her feet with no fear.

"Here I am, asshole, and yes, I know what you did. You killed my Nana!"

Jeremy stopped in his tracks and looked at her. "Well then you better be running for your life, bitch, cause you ain't gonna get the chance to tell anyone!"

Jeremy lunged at her but Trinity just stood her ground focused on how much she HATED him. The sunny sky broke out in lightning bolts that crashed around them. Jeremy found himself rooted to the spot and unable to move. Trinity's hair began to float around her head and her eyes blazed with fury.

KAPOW! A huge lightning bolt struck the top of Jeremy's head and he literally exploded into microscopic pieces before her eyes. The smell of ozone and burnt flesh permeated the area. The tension left Trinity and she folded to her knees and knelt with her forehead on Nana's grave.

"Child, what have you done? You've used your powers for death and destruction. There's never been a white witch in our line that turned to black magic. I didn't mean for this to happen. Once you've invoked the black magic, you can never go back."

"I don't really know that means, Nana, but I know I'm not sorry. He got what he deserved. Now, let's have that talk about what else I can do with these powers."






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