What is the first sentence that comes to mind when we hear or read the word reunion?

The answer, of course, is to gather with school friends who haven't seen each other in years.

Most people are always interested in joining a reunion, one of the most awaited nostalgic events or reminiscing about the past. At the reunion, we can meet with friends when we were still in school. Can you imagine meeting again with friends who have been separated for so many years?... Of course it will create its own impression and message.

The first impression that will arise is a feeling of surprise to see the changes in our friends; Friends who used to be slim turn to look fat or vice versa. What used to be wrinkled, is now neat and smells good. What was once known to be naughty until he was often summoned to the teacher's room and punished, is now full of manners and religion. Who used to have a love relationship with us, is now married and has children. In essence, the first impression of the reunion is that we will find a lot of changes in our friends.

And one impression that will not be left behind from the reunion event is that it tells a lot of things; Laughing together while eating and drinking, joking together, it won't even be missed to reminisce about the school days together.

However, what would happen if the reunion, which was supposed to make you happy and excited, actually made some people experience trauma? For example, feel humiliated, which will certainly make that person feel annoyed and regretful. As experienced by my coworker named Anton.

Anton is a friend of mine, since he was in elementary school until now, we can work together. The house where we live is also quite close, only blocked by three houses and a few cypress trees. So, whether it's going to work or coming home from work we are always together. Since childhood, Anton has been shy, easily worried, easily nervous, and awkward when interacting with other people, especially with strangers. With this personality, it was not uncommon for Anton at school to be bullied by his classmates. Especially when it comes to math, Anton is often teased to the point of crying because his grades are bad.

One day at a food stall during work breaks, Anton once said, "I sometimes envy other people"

"Shame what do you mean?" I ask

"We have been together for decades. You know how my personality since I was little until now has not changed. It's easy to feel nervous, easily worried, and awkward when talking to other people, especially with people I just met. So, I sometimes envy other people who look enviously, have a boyfriend and can walk together with their partner,” Anton replied with a sigh of relief.

Hearing Anton's answer I was silent for a moment, drank iced tea and took a deep breath and then said while patting Anton's shoulder, "Everything has its time, friend. Sometimes the situation you complain about is the situation the other person wants, and the situation you want from the other person is the situation the other person doesn't want. I think things will change over time. The important thing is that you do good and don't hurt other people."

So when there was an invitation to a reunion of a school group on WhatsApp, at first Anton didn't want to attend because he was embarrassed by his friends who used to make fun of him. But, because I was sure that everything would be fine, finally Anton wanted to attend a reunion with his elementary school friends.

The reunion event was held on Sunday in a place at one of the cafes which was quite famous, as requested by one of our friends, named Ricky. Ricky is a friend of the two of us who, from grade one to graduating from elementary school, always excel and are always proud of by the teachers, especially by his parents. And now I hear that Esau has had a successful career in the music and vehicle business.

Long story short, Sunday has arrived. The day where Anton and I will meet again with school friends who have only been greetings on social media for years. Anton and I set off together by riding a motorbike. Along the way, our eyes were spoiled by the activities of people who were buying and selling, negotiating the price of goods with each other, Because from the house to the Cafe, the location for the reunion had to pass through the market first. We were also spoiled by the vast expanse of tea gardens that were still obscured by the morning mist. It was beautiful and the air was quite refreshing as if a new spirit had emerged.

After more than 30 minutes of traveling, we finally arrived and we saw that our friends had gathered, some were just sitting, some were chatting, some were playing guitar, some were taking pictures, some were focused on reading books and in my heart said, "From the past until now my friend named Angel really likes to read books and never forgets to bring a book in any event"

Some friends greeted us both quite friendly. Then invite the others to start gathering at the place that has been ordered. I saw that one by one, my friends had changed a lot, for example, Anna, who used to be fat, now looks slimmer and more beautiful.

Anton asked me in a whisper, “Where is Ricky, huh? Why haven't you seen it yet? "

I haven't even answered yet, Ricky has arrived and finally said, "Good morning successful people, who hasn't been successful when will they be successful? "

"Good morning back, big boss" said one of my friends named Hanna.

Esau greeted us all and when he shook hands with Anton, Ricky said in a sarcastic tone, “This is Anton, who used to cry when he was in math class. How are you guys? Are you still crying until now?”

Hearing Ricky words of Anton, all the friends in the place laughed except me. I started to feel bad because I saw the expression on Anton's face. Finally, I turned the situation around by saying, "So today what are we going to do apart from eating?"

"Anyway, today we had fun, kidding. Calm down, you don't have to worry about the money running out, in this first reunion, our boss will treat all our food orders," said Jhon while pointing at Ricky.

“Yes, yes, yes, today you don't have to worry about your money running out. Order food and drinks that you like about payment, so I'll pay for everything. You need to know that my business is progressing and my career in music is quite satisfying, so if you, Anton, want to invite entertainment at your wedding, don't forget to just let me know, that's if you have a partner," said Ricky while pointing at Anton.

I saw that Anton was just nodding and he hid his nervousness by laughing every time Ricky said. I thought Ricky would change, but he didn't. Ricky has always been proud of what he has or what he has achieved. But he also sometimes likes to put other people down on the pretext of just joking. Today, many friends are good at wrapping ridicule and insults with jokes. It's really sad to see that every time Ricky says, Anton name is always brought up and looks down on him because of Anton past, which is often left behind when studying.

It doesn't feel like the reunion is finally over. After we ate, drank, and talked, we took photos together to be uploaded on social media and used as profile photos for the WhatsApp group. After all, my friends went home, I took Anton home with me, but Anton refused on the grounds that he wanted to take a public car because he wanted to have one business at his family's house.

But in my mind, I felt it was just an excuse for Anton frustration at the reunion. I myself can't force Anton because I feel guilty forcing him to join the reunion. In the end, we each went home, even though we left together.

The End
Image source: My work on the Pic say Pro photo editing app.

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