The Ink Well Prompt #14: Sweet waiting

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My job always kept me in constant change of cities, which was always fun because it was living a new adventure. The first time I moved it was very hard to leave everything I had fought for so long, but then I discovered that away from that place of comfort there was a huge world with new stories waiting for you right out there.

I had moved for a while to a small town called Plovdiv, which is in the south of Bulgaria, very cozy and very friendly people, that place you wouldn't want to leave. And a few kilometers away from the apartment was the train station where I had to go every morning to go to work.

The first time I went there I remember it very well, as it was the beginning of a great story.

It was a cold morning in which I had to go to work, but due to the tiredness of the trip the day before I had overslept, so I took a cab to go to the train, so I could get there quickly. And when I was there, it was a little difficult since I didn't know the language at all, so I started to look to the sides to see if I could find a person to ask for help, but on the other side of the platform there was a lady who was looking at a big clock which was on the wall, she seemed to be waiting for something, and her dirty clothes showed that she was. People passed by her but ignored her, as if she were a dog, or someone who had done something very bad, being punished by "oblivion".

I must admit that my gaze was lost in that lady, when suddenly I hear a voice behind me:


-Excuse me?

-Aleksandra, her name is Aleksandra. She lives here for many years

-I'm sorry, I don't know why I got so lost in it.

-I can tell you are not from here, if you are going to Sofia you should hurry, the train will leave in 3 min, and the punctuality here is unbelievable.

I don't know if the way I was dressed was enough to show where I was going, which I found amazing how they can read a person just by looking at the way they dress.

On the way to work I just remembered how that lady looked at the clock with such sadness in her eyes, what was she waiting for? Although the stranger had given me her name, which meant she must spend a lot of time there.

Arriving at the office I could see the colonial way in which it was decorated, it was like traveling to the past, everything was so old, it was like being inside a museum, the place made me want to be there, but only to discover a few more of the objects that were there.

On the way back home the feeling of satisfaction of being in that place was incredible, I felt that I was where I really had to be. Arriving at the station I was thinking about what I was going to do for dinner, but as I slowed down the train again, there was the old lady.

I went out in search of a cab, but I could not forget that lady, I knew she was there and I felt that she was hiding something, or something was happening to her, and I just wished I could help her, or that she could help me to eliminate the doubts that she generated in me so much. I must admit that curiosity is unfortunately a weakness of mine, and it is because of it that I keep myself in so much movement.

I got home I had to rest and then go back to another day, which would be a long one.

It was a new day and I did not know how to get to please that lady, I needed to know what to do, but I had no idea how to do it, so I wanted to start in the best way, bring her breakfast. When I arrived at the station I could see that she was on the other side so I approached her and handed her some breads that I had made for breakfast, which she received me with a smile.

I felt very happy, because I knew that I had helped her, yes, it was a very small gesture, but the happiness of that old lady was really great.

Day after day I was doing the same thing, I knew that every morning the gesture of the lady would change to receive the breakfast that I gave her but then she would look at the station clock again, so I had to take that step, I knew that today was the day, and when I saw her I did not hesitate twice to sit next to her, changing the routine that we had created this week.

-What are you doing here? I asked her

-I'm waiting for him! She answered with a smile.


-My husband, he told me he would be back sooner or later.

-Where did he go?

-He went to war a long time ago, but I know he'll be back. Something inside me tells me that he is well, besides his body was not found. I know he's lost out there, looking for a way to get back. I promised to be here for him, and I will be.

-And if he doesn't come back, what will you do?

-What will I do? I'll keep waiting until I draw my last breath. The only thing I've ever had in this life is out there, and I know he'll come back.

I turned to look at her face and I could see the determination in her face despite this. I also sat there watching the clock because I had faith that he would come back for her.

For a while I was bringing him breakfast, and opportunities in which we took the opportunity to talk a little if I had enough time.

One day I was at the station and I didn't see her again, and I couldn't help doubting what could have happened, only inside me I hope that it was her husband who had come for her.

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