The well told lie.


Have you ever been told a very big lie? You know that lie that was made so beautiful that you started working hard towards it, but when you got there, you found out it was just a fallacy, and that is how Stacy felt as she walked down the street which leads to her workplace.

Looking up at the sky she shake her head bringing out an umbrella as she mumbled incoherently to herself. It seems the event downpour didn’t plan on ending soon even when it is past its month.

Bringing her umbrella up, she walked as fast as she could holding her bag closer to her petite frame as the sky boomed loudly. “How did she get here?” she questioned no one in particular, life used to be fun and cheery and now, all seems to be lost.

Just as she was about to enter her workplace the sky decided it was time to release its waters upon earth which it did with great aggressiveness, upon moving into her work area, she closed her umbrella wishing she hadn’t missed the sign that always welcomed her to work every day, it was a word that seems to lighten up her mood in times like this, N.B.I.T.S garden, which read under as ‘Nature Brings In The Shine'.

Sighing deeply that she missed it, her mind moved back to the lie told to her as a kid, adulthood was said to be a state where you are free, but the term “Freedom”, is just a fallacy.

“Good morning, Stacy, welcome back to work again,” John screamed.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, leave it to John to make work seems an interesting place to be, she wouldn’t blame him though, he still lives under his parent and has no responsibility to shoulder..

“Good morning John", she replied with a smile walking past him toward her space in the office.

Rubbing her palms together she sat down and opened her computer to begin the day's job, there seems to be a lot of orders coming in which has made everywhere a busy one for the past few weeks and it is getting tiring but she has no choice, Christmas as already seeped in and people are getting ready to welcome it in with so much joy and enthusiasm, she used to be one of those people when she was little but, freedom came in faster than she thought on when her parents died in a ghastly accident some years back, leaving her to shoulder the responsibility her 24 year old life brought in.

She was the only one who hasn’t prepared for Christmas and isn’t planning to, not that she doesn’t like flowers or plants but she hasn’t gotten the time to fantasize over her one-room apartment with her recent schedule and lack of funds.

She hissed out as she remembered how she had walked back home in anger at the rise of commodities but had to walk back to get them when she realized there was no food at home, and food is needed to survive which prompted her to get them with a deep frown on her face.

How she wished she was a baby again with no worries than to cry every time to tell her mother she needed breastmilk right away and then she’d sleep after sucking, why do humans have to grow, will there be any harm in it if they were all babies with no worries? Because adulthood is terrible, so terrible that all one has to think of is how to survive, and for survival to take place, one has to work hard with little pay.

A hard tap on her shoulder brought her back to life, “Are you back to earth, or do you need a reminder to tell you exactly where you are and what you should be doing?” asked the annoying voice.

Hissing out from the pain left by the tap she tried speaking up but she was cut short of words by the voice again, “You know you are paid to work and not to brood around on how pitiful your adult life is?” the voice said again, and knowing Sharon she needed an answer right away as she doesn’t like to be ignored.

Rolling her eyes, Stacy ignored the voice, the words said and the speaker all at once, and she did it so well which annoyed Sharon the most, she isn’t even the boss but she acts like one, ordering people around and looking for whose toes to step on while neglecting her job with her ever made artificial fingers and dolly like faced makeup.

“Hey Stacy,” called out John standing at the doorway, “we need to move now, an order just came in”.

Sighing deeply, Stacy stood up and closed her computer as she picked up her bag, it seems she will be out for a long while with these ordering, walking out, she left a manicured-looking Sharon alone who wore a deep frown for not being replied to.

Giggling silently, she followed John out to pick up the flowers needed, and seeing it was her favorite color warmed her heart, the color purple seems to lighten up her mood, smiling deeply she walked out to the open with the thoughts of terrible adulthood forgotten. Showing her perfect teeth she spoke, “seems today is going to turn out great” she cheered.

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