The Magic Before and After..

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“I cannot believe you said that”. She heard them say, she saw the looks in their eyes and she bow her head, the once big place felt smaller and she felt suffocated. Oh.. She thought, why would she have said that? She should have just…tears welled up in her eyes and she cleaned them off almost immediately.


Jane had woken up to see the weather, good, she had muttered to herself, it is almost time, just then she heard the sound..

Smiling deeply she stood up from her small bed to check where the sound was coming from.

Walking down the stairs on a tip-toe she walked fast but was careful not to step on the plank which had broken two days ago on the stairs.

Her father had been too busy to notice and her mother too tired to care, as the only child of the duos, she was left to repair things broken in their wood house.

She had almost got to the door when she was caught, .. Meow the cat purred looking her straight in the eyes, telling her she rather takes him along or he was going to wake up her parents and lead them to her room. She knew that face, this isn’t the first time this had happened, every year, the cat had always caught her before she walks out the door, how foolish of her to think it wouldn’t be on the lookout for her always.

Jane smiled at the cat and picked it up, it purred in approval and she almost giggled out loud, she remembered how she had found the cat almost dead one snowing night, she had saved it and asked around for the owner but no one seem to care.

It just seems everyone in the village does not care, her village was big and small in the sense that everybody knows themselves.

She opened the door as silently as she could and walked out to the open, the weather caught up with her and she shook it off. She loves this weather as it brings people closer, walking round the village, she saw many decorations and lights which had been hung to welcome the day to come.

After walking for hours she came to an abrupt stop and her breath got uneven, she held her heart and she felt it thump erratically, the cat must have heard the sound because it came down in a rush to save itself from the sound.

Catching her breath, she stared at the place lovingly, the decorations were always supernatural, one can feel love, unity, happiness, peace, and kindness in it. The beauty of the place had always caught her breath, it is not night yet but still, the beauty cannot be compared, she listened to the sound that had brought her here, Christmas music always has its takes on her and every year, all the villagers come together to decorate the village square a day before Christmas.

It was a tradition that everyone followed because they were always free food, hehe.. she chuckled, who doesn’t like free food? Well, that wasn’t the reason though she suppose, people gather to wine and dine, dance, laugh, talk about various things and then, count down to Christmas morning. It was always beautiful, the fireworks that rock the place at midnight to announce the arrival of Christmas gladden each heart.

The brightness of the day made her remember home, she quickly lifted her cat and walked as fast as her legs could carry her to her house.

She opened the door and saw her mom in the kitchen cooking as usual but it wasn’t time for her to be out cooking. Her dad.. Maybe it was her eyes, but she could have sworn she saw him fixing up the plank on the stairs, is she in heaven? She questioned.

“Stop staring young lady and come help out”. She heard her mother say or was it the heaven hostess she questioned again?

“Where have you been?” her father asked, coming down.

She walked back to the door she came in from and opened it, she looked outside just to be sure she wasn’t in another timeline or…

A voice broke her train of thought and she heard some words, though she couldn’t decipher what was said.

A calloused yet warm hand held her gently looking at her.

“Are you okay, Jane? She heard her father ask.

“Yes.” She heard a tiny voice reply. She wondered where the sound came from because it sounded more like hers.

The cat wiggling to be let off brought her back to her senses. She freed it and faced her parent. Cleaning off her sweaty palms she bowed her head.

“I went to check out the village square", she mumbled.

“ You could have told me baby and we could have gone to see it together, why don’t you come over here and help me cook while we talk about the things you saw.” her mother said, smiling at her.

“Are you both okay?” she had asked, she needed to be sure she was in the right house.

Her mother walked towards her and spoke out in a soft tone, almost crying.

“We are sorry baby, we are so sorry, we know we had neglected you, always working but..

“We promise, “ continued her father, holding her warmly..
“We promise to be there for you and shower you with so much love and care we had failed to make you feel”.

Her mother finally touched her and she hugged them so tightly, they all stood there for minutes or was it hours? It was hard to say, they had all gone to the kitchen and cooked together, it was so fun and heartwarming that the cat felt it too because it kept on purring endlessly.

Hours later

“Mom!, I cannot find my dress” Jane screamed out.

She heard the sound of footsteps and her mother was in her room already dressed with a box in hand, passing the box to her, “Open it”. Her mother said.

She took the box from her Mother and opened it to find the most beautiful red and white striped dress, with hats and shoes to fit.

“Let’s get you dressed up” her mother spoke out, smiling.

Walking down the stairs, she found her father awaiting their arrival.

“I guess I’ll need to set traps in my home soon” she heard her father say.

Her mother giggled and she found herself asking, “Why would he need traps Ma?”.

Her mother giggled again, “That’s to keep away boys from approaching you”.

“Ewww”, she said out loud which made her parent laugh.

The village square was already filled up when they got there, laughs, talks and music filled up the air, and the decorations added more light to the night. She held up her mother’s hand and they both walked together leaving her Pa to some of the men who had come towards him.

Just then, the bell rang to signal everyone to get seated for the first round of food to be served while the second would be served after the fireworks.

The food was served and everyone sat down to eat, as whispers and giggles were heard around.

The bell rang again to signal the time for a game. The plates were cleared and the game started.

The game went on and on, on questions and answers were given by anyone who knows it.

And the last question was asked..

“If you were to choose between the meeting in the village square for Christmas every year and Santa Claus’s presence, which one would you go for?”

“Of course the Village meeting many had said,” but a voice spoke out in denial.

“I would love to see Santa “.

That statement brought silence everywhere and everyone turned to see who had dared say such.

Jane stood up and repeated her words, “I would love to see Santa”

(End of Flashback)

Present time

“I cannot believe you said that”. She heard them say, she saw the looks in their eyes and she bow her head, the once big place felt smaller and she felt suffocated. Oh.. She thought, why would she have said that? She should have just…tears welled up in her eyes and she cleaned them off almost immediately.

Just then her parents stood up, “We would love to see Santa too.”

She looked up to find them staring at her lovingly.

“What is that?” A little girl asked in a hushed tone.

They all followed her hands pointing to the sky to see a deer a cart, and someone with a red and white cloth.

“Isn’t that Santa?” a voice asked.

Just then, different wraps of gifts with people’s names on them came raining down, spelling Christmas on the ground.

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Minutes later the fireworks followed with a written word high up “Merry Christmas” before they blew up into fine pieces.

There were cheers and happiness everywhere.

“I got life insurance!” Screamed out a widow with an open gift.

This brought people's attention back to the gifts, everyone picked theirs with their name written boldly on them.

“Where is Santa?” asked one of the villagers.

They all looked up and couldn’t find traces of Santa.

“Santa came baring Christmas gifts, this is a magical day with the village meeting and Santa”. Another voice added.

Jane looked up and agreed this Christmas was indeed magical, it brought back her parent’s love for her and Santa's presence.

The magic before and after Christmas. She smiled with the hope that all other Christmas to come turns out finer and better than this.

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