The blind bird leads.


Clearing her throat, the narrator began her story as she opened the book before her

In a faraway land filled with people with the same opinion and energy was a baby born with a different one, the baby’s name is Tiana and she grew up amid these strange people, she wasn’t loved nor cared for and considered taboo to their custom and tradition but they let her stayed with them even when bigger years of her stay there was in a tomb where they kept her when her energy was too much for them which happened almost every time.

Tiana never learned their ways even when her parent tried so hard to blow off the energy in her soul, it was never possible as she also tried to quench that fire and she tried so hard to reason like them but all trials were laid to waste which made Tiana grow up an alien in the land of her birthright..

Her days became darker when she was 18 years old and was taken to the evil forest to live when she countered their Kings remark, it was supposed to be a funny remark and make them smile or so she thought but it brought in the opposite, the King was enraged and ordered his guards to throw her out the village and lead her toward the evil forest and right there, Tiana was banished with teary filled eyes and her parents unable to do a thing about it.

Three years it has been as she struggled to find her way out of the forest she found herself in, though she had to confess she found peace in her 3 years of staying here with the birds and beauty of nature around.

Being a heavy eater though didn’t help out, though she appears to have a petite body with a very slim figure coupled with her brown-gold hair and her jade green eyes she can eat up her fountain of food within an hour.

Searching around in her ragged cloth and a dry lip, she traveled to the Eastern part of the forest after being to the North, South, and West of it, finishing up every fruit that came her part. Now in the East, there was little fruit here and she had gone two days without eating a thing.

She became exhausted after walking and her eyes blurry as her stomach rumbled reminding her she hasn’t fed it, she rolled her eyes at it, asking it to fend for itself as she was tired to keep doing the job which her stomach mocked back words. Shaking her head, she sighed, being hungry is never a good thing, as she now speaks to her stomach.


After walking for another mile she fell after seeing the rough part ahead, unlike the North, South, and West that showed water at the end to tell that the road has ended, the East had a rough path coupled with sharp-looking trees which scares her, as she lost hope of ever finding a new place since she couldn’t go back to hers.

She fell face flat on the floor, she turned swiftly so that her back touches the ground while her front faced heaven, and right there a tear dropped as she sniffed repeatedly unable to stop the pain from within.

Staring at heaven she pleaded for help and just then a bird was seen coming down from the sky and it landed beside her, it has a funny look and colors that doesn’t match which made her giggle, the bird turned and what she saw made her gasp, staring at her was a blind bird with a funny look with its wings pointing towards the rough road, Tiana stared at the bird confusingly but it kept pointing at the rough path so she stood up and followed the bird as it flew gently towards the path, she ran after it in the quest to save its wings from the sharp trees and right there one of the trees caught her upper arm leaving a wound which made her teeth clatter while trying to mum the pain felt.

The bird though seems to know what it was doing even when it was blind as it kept moving in a zigzag manner to prevent getting cut by the trees, Tiana mimicked the bird and moved, steadily to avoid the obstacles in her path and 2 days she followed the bird until she came to an open filled the third day.

The field was warm, beautiful and inviting and she heard voices and chatters of people close by, walking towards the sound with a weak leg and a tired hungry body, she moved until she got to a market filled with happy people and she tried saying something but her voice couldn’t be heard, her legs were too wobbly to hold her body gave up as she fell on the floor or so she thought instead, she felt an arm around her waist and opening her eyes she caught stuck by the beauty that bestowed her, holding on to her fragile frame was a young man dressed in clothes adorned with shiny materials with a long perfect chin and a blue eye like that of the sea and she heard someone called him Prince and right there, her stomach rumbled loudly as she fainted.

Waking up Tiana found herself in a cloth made from the finest silk with her hair perfectly made in a glass before her and then came a rich wine voice that spoke in a tone that made her heart beat a million times per second.

“Welcome to Orion palace lass, I am Prince William Darius.” The voice spoke with such grace as she saw the same man that had held her earlier standing before her in a bow.

Swallowing deeply she tried to form a word but none could come in with the presence of the beauty that bestowed her, she instead smiled stylishly at the Prince whose head was up staring at her confusingly. And then she blurted out…

“I am hungry.” And she heard the Prince chuckling loudly she felt something funny underneath her.

Leading her to a door, he walked her down to the dining room filled with different delicacies, and a year later he walked with her down the aisle as he became King and she is Queen.

They had two beautiful children a boy and a girl who they named Aaron and Margret and now grandchildren whose names are Bethany and Damon(Aaron) and Gideon(Margret) Aaron's wife Kathy and Bethany's husband Luke and they lived happily ever after…

Closing her book, the narrator stared at her listeners as their eyes lit up to ask questions

“Grandma, is that how you got the scar on your arm?” asked one of her audience in a curious manner.

Giggling loudly Tatiana sighed deeply with a smile-filled face… “You are too wise for your age Damon and yes that was how I got the scar on my arm.”

“That’s so cool!” replied Bethany and Gideon as they high-five each other.. “Come on, let’s meet up with grandpa to tell us a story too., said Damon.

Kissing their grandma on her cheek, the children ran upstairs in search of their grandpa.

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