Sarah's Life Lesson.


The sound of her heartbeat took a different rhythm at what "who” she saw. Her mouth opened agape as she staggered a little as fear gripped her heart.

Cleaning her eyes, the same face filled her vision, and it was unbelievable because she was sure he couldn't have... "No! No! He couldn't have..." She muttered, shaking her head.

But, it is he, so.... "How could he have...?" She asked no one in particular as the waves of the sea almost threw her up her feet.

Bringing the cup of coffee to her lips, Sarah let out a frustrated sigh.

"Why do we have to attend the wedding? Uhn... It is not like it's our family members celebrating or something and we are not in a family company so what's it?" Sarah asked, staring at Dara at the coffee shop they usually run to during break from work.

"It has been set, and there's nothing we can do about it. Tomorrow is the D-day, so be ready. But, you've really changed, and I find it very unbelievable because the you I know years back usually raid the whole country for makeup and clothes at the sound of party." Dara commented, giving her friend an unbelievable eye.

"Well, a lot has changed, and I am not as beautiful as I thought I..."

"What!" Dara exclaimed, dropping the cup of coffee on the table where they sat, as the liquid danced around.


"Geez, Dara! Are you trying to burn me? And my clothes... babe, do I really deserve this?" Sarah questioned, cleaning off the liquid on her cloth.

"Did I just hear you, right? You didn't say the barbie like words you usually say like, "Why do you plan to ruin my dress when you don't know what it is worth?". Who are you and what have you done to my friend?" Dara asked with a glare.

Sighing deeply again, Sarah looked at Dara before speaking. "I know, right? I have changed so much, and I believe it is for the best". Checking her wristwatch, she stood up. "And we need to go now before we get sacked. Break is over."

Sarah and Dara ran out of the Café door and walked towards the office building where they resumed working.

Evening came before anyone knew it stating the need for home. Sarah stretched her phalanges as she had been working on the computer for a long time. Picking up her bag, she said goodbye to her friend, Dara, before leaving.

On getting to her two rented apartments, she took a long sigh before going into the kitchen for a drink. As she drank, she heard a giggle beside her as she smiled at her childhood memory from the back of beyond where she stayed with her parents.

She has always loved adventures and had left her little space to explore the bigger world when she turned eighteen. Holding on to her face, she smiled again as a memory struck her.

"Can I sit beside you?" She heard a small tiny voice speak, and she watched as he came closer.

Ryan has always been very shy, and his parents were poor, but she knew he loved her. Every male in her town does because she is beautiful and everyone wants her and she loves it.

However, she never dated anyone, and she boasted of it. But, she did take their gifts and their feelings for granted. Chuckling, she took her sip from her cup. Dara is very right. She has really changed, and it is still unbelievable how things happened.

Strange tears glistened her eyes as she remembered meeting one of her childhood friends from her town. She was with her children and her husband, and she looked very happy. Sarah could never have thought Sydney would get married after what she did to her.

Sydney loved Ryan but she didn't say anything because Ryan loves her instead, and she led the poor boy on like she did with others before running his life by lying that he tried to rape her when he didn't.


A roll of a tear danced sadly down her cheek as she remembered the look on Ryan's face. He was hurt and tagged a woman rapist all because of her and Sydney, who vowed to only marry Ryan, was broken too.

Holding on her chest, she remembered things she had done with her beauty before she left the town for good to travel all around the world in the big city only to realize she had to work for it unlike in her town where men gave her all she wanted.

She didn't believe it at first, knowing she had to work until it dawned on her. She couldn't go back home looking unfulfilled, so she was determined to make it, and that was how she met Dara when she worked in a food restaurant. Unlike her, Dara was working to pay her fees, and she changed her views on going to school to become someone in life.

Dara knew her with her saucy attitude, and they stayed together for 6 years before she moved out because Dara didn't like her always party vibe. After more years of clubbing and thinking her beauty was worth it, she met Sydney some weeks ago, and she had to sit down to rethink her life. She isn't getting younger, and her beauty is fading. Men hardly look much at her now, and it hurts before, but now it doesn't because she wanted a family.

Taking another sip from her cup, her eyes became so heavy that she decided to rest a little bit on her kitchen counter.

The sound of her phone ringing jolted her from sleep, and with a groan, she picked up the phone.

"The reception party started some hours ago, where are you? I have been calling, but..."

Looking at her phone screen, she swore at herself before standing up from the chair she sat in. She can't believe she slept on her kitchen counter. Hurrying to her room, she quickly dressed up and left for the reception party at the beach.

She met with her friend, and they discussed before she excused herself. And then, she saw him.

...almost threw her up her feet.

"Ryan?" She whispered, and before she could move forward, she saw a lady wrapping her hands on him and someone's voice congratulating them on their married life.

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