It was supposed to be Thanksgiving..


Panting and sweating, I held my erratic heart, cleaning off the tears that rolled off my cheek with my sweaty palms. I tried speaking but it seems my voice was lost as I heard no sound though my mouth moved.

Holding my ears, I panicked with a million thoughts swirling in my head. “Am I deafened?” I asked no one in particular, my heart screamed in agony for the loss of one of my sense organs as I hiccupped from the constant cries that never seem to end soon.

“How did I get here again?” I reasoned, trying so hard to put back pieces together but all was lost, the only thing I remembered was going to the forest close to the family house to play ‘hide and seek', I knew it was my idea as I was the only one who could push my cousins out to play whenever my family and I come for Thanksgiving.

“It was my turn to hide or was it to seek?” I questioned the silent dark room again but no answer came through. Who was I kidding expecting an answer in a room I could barely see in with the loss of my hearing?

I tried calming my racing heart so that I can for once be reasonable and put pieces together but the silence all around wasn’t helping out. I am a parroted soul and a lover of fun and silence isn’t in my area of specialization which scares me as I have people having me spoken to without my ear to hear them respond to what is being said.

The thought of that drives me nuts leaving me unconcerned about how I had gotten here but on how my ears can be healed. Sighing deeply, I cleaned my tears and decided to stand up in a search of a door and window as it is getting harder to breathe in here.

Standing up or trying to stand up, I fell face flat on the cold floor, it was as if I had taken a million shots of tequila which wasn’t possible as I am not yet of age to take in alcohol. I know I have my crazy side but never will take alcohol as I heard it burns one’s throat and the aftermath isn’t fun knowing me I like fun.

I rubbed my jaw and forehead as they felt the impact of the falling most, touching my swollen lips, and swallowing hard as I cringe at the taste of blood.

This brought in my original question, “how did I get here?”. And just as if a miracle was on my side I heard someone call my name, holding my ears, I flexed them as a rabbit would to pick up the familiar voice that had called again.

“Josie, please wake up” I heard the person whisper.

Wake up, of cos I am awake, why was the person pleading, holding up my bruised hand I felt someone hold onto it.

“Mom, dad!” the familiar voice screamed.

“Josie is awake”, the annoying voice screamed.

Damn, I didn’t pray to get my ears back to hear this, rolling my eyes at whoever screamed.

“Josie,” I heard mom's voice call out, opening my eyes I closed them back and spoke out.

“Turn off the light, it hurts my eyes”…

“Close the window Aaron”, I heard a voice say as the person came closer to me holding my hands.

“How do you feel baby?” asked my dad with so much care.

Opening my eyes, I saw my dad, mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, and my little brother Aaron staring at me with so much concern.

“Why do you all look teary, did someone die?” I asked in curiosity.

“You did!,” screamed my little brother Aaron, “or maybe you didn’t, I mean you are alive” he responded scratching his head.

“What do you mean," I asked, looking at everyone’s faces as I accepted the glass of water from my mom’s hands and had it chunked down.


“The doctor said you inhaled a red flower with white dots on it, he called it Amas mascara…”

Chuckling, “I held the laugh that was waiting to be left it, you mean Amanita Muscaria? The poisonous plant?”, oh shit I might have inhaled it when I was trying to hide from you guys” I responded with my eyes closed.

“Wait! Did you mean all I felt was an illusion some hours?” I questioned rhetorically, "Oh my goodness," giving back the glass of water to my mama, I held my ears and began to laugh, I laughed so hard that my family became worried.

This is my response to the #dreemwotw challenge hosted by @samsmith1971 on ILLUSION

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