Do It For Them… And For You.

She felt the knot in her stomach tighten as she moved the first three steps down the stairs. Heat took over her body despite the ventilation that hit her. Swallowing hard, Grace moved a step forward, and another until.... Bam!

Her heart almost flew from her mouth as she held her chest to calm her racing heart. With a tear filled face from the shock, Grace looked towards where she came from and realized the door was locked on her.

No, no, no she screams internally, "How is she supposed to get out?" Her mind asked, all troubled.

"Why did I decide to be nosy?" She whispered, bending with her hands on her chest. She stayed like that for some minutes, or was it hours? She couldn't tell.

Standing up, she decided to edge forward to get her curiosity filled. Walking a mile more, her step faltered and her eyes grew 2cm wider, almost popping out of her eye socket as she held her hands on her mouth to stop whatever words or scream her brain decides to let out.

"Holy Moly!" She gasped as her hands found ways to her skin as she constantly pinched herself just to be sure she wasn't in a trance or something.


Right in the room, which Grace stumbled upon were tons of unusual things in abundance. Her mouth tried moving as her throat took in more saliva to keep her body fluid going.

Why do her grandparents have this kind of room under their roof? Do they know about this? She asked no one in particular, but a voice spoke, and her mouth opened agape to see it was one of the unusual things she saw.

"Your grandparents do know about us, Gracey, don't be silly. Their old doesn't mean they are dumb." The voice said with what Grace has finally regarded to be a smile.

"Oh, sorry, I did not introduce myself. Besides, you can close your mouth now. I know we don't look like things that should exist, but we do exist. Don't mind my jelly-like face nor my half cat body and horse legs. I have a name and it is a nice one, you can call me Oyneguriduhgse or Oyne for short. And I know you would love to meet the other unusual creatures too but you won't understand their language. I am the only one who can speak English." The voice added with a larger smile.

"You can talk?" Grace blurted out, covering her face. Geez, I can't believe that is the first thing I could come up with,she said silently.

"You do know we can hear you, right? Including what goes on in your mind". Oyne added with a smile.

Facepalming herself, Grace moved a step closer to Oyne. "What are you guys? And why are you people here?" She asked.

"We are supernatural creatures who like to live amongst old, kind people. And your grandparents were on our list some years back, so we started living with them. We only choose the people whose life we want to add more fun to before they die. And that is why we are here?" Oyne answered with an additional smile.

"And what is your definition of fun?" Grace asked with a shiny eye like a kid seeing her favourite meal.

"We make them happy by playing all their fun memories together and watching them fall in love with each other every day. It is fun and heartwarming." Oyne added with a smile, and so did the other creatures.

"Wow, that is beautiful, I guess that's why you people are hidden. You are unusual hidden treasures, but why did I find your secret passage at my grandparents' place?" Grace asked with her eyes up.

"That is because of the spirit that surrounds you. You have a positive energy inside you but you shut it out when your parents died some days ago when they had an accident and now that you will be living here with your grandparents, we decided to raise your curious mind to find us so that we can awaken the joyful light in you." Oyne spoke again with a calm tone.

"Your parents will be happy knowing their daughter is living a better life, so do it for them and for you. I know you miss them, so I will let you speak with them for a few seconds. I have the power to summon the dead you see, but they can't stay for long. ". Oyne added.

With a tear filled face, Grace nodded with a smile.

Oyne did some circles around, and Grace's parents appeared.

"Mom, Dad… are you guys truly here?" Grace asked with a painful cry.

"We are here pumpkin, and we love you and miss you. We will always be with you, so don't be sad." Her mother spoke with a faint smile.

"I miss you" both too, and I promise to make you proud." Grace spoke with great confidence as she watched her parents vanish.


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