Andrew's incomplete mission

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Just as a ninja would, Andrew moved swiftly in the dark wood with a very light footstep. Hours after moving, he came to an abrupt stop. Stooping a bit lower than usual, he checked his surroundings to be sure he was alone, having done that, he moved again but this time he dashed through the woods as fast as his legs could carry him, stopping again he decided to give it a rest.

Chasing them now with all his energy would drain him completely, his stomach growled and he shush it up as silently as he could. Not now, he thought aloud in his mind. He has to catch them when they least expect it. He had given them enough time and he will gladly give them more. Catching the enemies by surprise will be so fun, shaking his head, he smirked moving up his right eyebrow in a jesting manner. Haha! He smiled, thinking of the hero dance he had perfected days ago.

' Move to the right, to the left, hop hop with a wiggle to end..'

That thought alone was enough to fuel his energy. He cleaned his face with his palms just then the smell from his armpit came out due to the sweats. This smells nicer with the fact that he has been running for hours.

Standing upright from his state he shook off the mud from his boots as it had rained and stopped earlier. That should have also stopped them he thought to himself.
Getting ready on a tip-toe he calculated his movements like a hunter does before it attacks the antelope. They shouldn’t have moved a far distance, they should be close by, he has to be careful not to give away his location. Moving forward again, he walks quickly looking out for any sign and also any twig which may alert his presence to his enemies if he catches up with them.

He mustn’t lose them this time around not in this world or next, they had always won, and now is his time for a victory dance. Moving through the woods with his eyes sharp enough to see a needle in the dark, Andrew moved again with a determined soul, not minding the mud that had begun holding on to his boots.

Just then he stopped, he could have sworn he saw a shadow move so fast, he couldn’t have imagined it, no imagination is accepted when dealing with the Warwick(Simeon the eldest and Aaron his little brother) the duos are vicious and could calculate any sort of distance from a far distance not only that, they are faster than he is, that is why they had always won but this time around they wouldn’t, he had trained day and night for this day, never will they win again. Chasing off all thoughts he cleared his mind, his ears strained to pick up even the slightest movement, he moved back a bit and stoop so low he felt like he was about to prostrate. Eyes on alert, he stayed rooted there, he’d be a fool to make a step now.

Minutes passed and still, Andrew stayed rooted there, minutes almost turned to hours, and just as he was about to blame his imagination, his eyes and ears saw and caught a moving figure. Bringing out his gun, he moved swiftly, calmly in a calculating manner before he held up his gun and shot down his enemy.

Overjoyed, he screamed in his mind... Men down, walking towards the enemy he found out it was Aaron, how he had wished it was Simeon instead, moving up to the body, he shot him again, almost emptying the water in his water gun.

“ You get to admit, I won this time around. “ he spoke out.

“Not yet a voice spoke behind him holding up a shining sword in his throat”.

Turning around Andrew found Simeon with a smirk and a foil in hand. How he'd be happy to wipe that smirk off his face.

“I got your brother Simeon,” Andrew said defensively.

“You might have gotten Aaron but here I still am, a Warwick full blood, bring out your sword and fight like a true warrior,”
Simeon said out loud like he was playing a role of an antagonist in a play.

“What do you mean by bringing out my sword?” pressing the shining object close to his throat, Andrew laughed. “This is a foil mate, I got no foil for a sword, my water gun should do
the work perfectly.”

“Fine”. agreed on Simeon with a laugh..

Just as the fight was to start a tiny annoying voice screamed so loud he almost fell from the cloud or was it his bed?

Wiping off the drool from his mouth with the back of his palm, he opened his eyes to see who had dared disturb him.

“Mom said you should be downstairs in 2 minutes!” screamed Gina his little sister.

“Did you by any means swallow a mic in the womb?” he asked his sister who just ignored him and left him sitting on his bed.

“1 minute more!” She screamed again running down the stairs.

Walking to his bathroom, he washed his face and headed downstairs to meet his mother and sister already seated in the dining, awaiting his arrival.

“Good of you to bless us with your presence, we are so delighted!” screamed his sister.

Rolling off his eyes, he greeted his mom, and just as he was about to sit, his eyes caught a foil in the waste bin.

“Isn’t that a foil?” he asked no one in particular.

Standing up, he walked towards it and picked it up from the waste bin.

"Eeewwww" Gina spoke out in an annoying tone.

“Are you okay Andrew?” his mom queried.

“I need to go back to the Warwick brothers, I will be right back”. He said almost dashing up the stairs.

“Come back here young man, who are the Warwick brothers and why should we sit here and wait for your return? Asked his mom.

“You don’t have to worry mom, they are the new characters in my dream, I need to..

“Come back here now! wash your hands clean and let’s pray…

“But mom..

“Don’t but me, drop it off now!” his mum ordered.

Mumbling incoherently, he dropped off the foil and washed his hands clean, sitting on the chair, prayer was said as his mind drifted off to the scene where the water gunned Aaron lay and Simeon with his foil ready to fight.

“Concentrate young man” warned his mom.

Shaking up her head his sister voiced out.. “ I may have swallowed a speaker after birth but you.. I think you swallowed the TV and lots of comic books with your wild imaginations”. She giggled out loud.

Just as he was about to speak, his mother beats him to it.

“Close up your mouth when eating young lady.”

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