The present


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Christmas was around the corner and our school organized the secret santa gift exchange. This wasn't my first time participating but I was really excited this time. Majorly because during the random draw I'd picked my crush's name from the big basket of names.

His name, Jaden. He's tall, had big blue eyes, curly brown hair, very friendly, and a smile that can melt even the hardest of hearts. We almost never talked. Majorly because any time I got close to him, my heart started racing, I could barely string a complete sentence, my palms got sweaty. Trying to talk to him was always a disaster. I was yet to bolster the courage to really speak with him, but an anonymous gift, it's perfect, no stuttering, he doesn't know who it's from, I can watch from a distance and see his reaction.

I knew the perfect gift to give him. Since he played soccer I got him a nice pair of soccer boots worth 50 dollars. Quite expensive I know, I had to beg my parents and also added almost all of my savings before I could finally get it. Oh well, the things we do for love.

I wrapped the box with very beautiful wrapping paper. Then I wrote a little note which said

"I see you in the hallway, and I cant say a word, I'm a bit tongue-tied, I hope you notice me. Your Secret Santa".

I looked back at it and I squeezed the piece of paper and threw it in the bin. I couldn't do it.


On the day of the gift exchange I and my friend Leah were discussing the gifts we'd gotten for our secret santees. She got a cool T-shirt for Gilberto because he rarely ever dressed well. We were also trying to guess who our secret santa was.

"Alright everyone, settle down. When I call you, come out and receive your gift" Mrs Hilda said

Everyone including Leah returned to their seats and Mrs Hilda started calling everyone to receive their gifts.


Once everyone had received their gifts, she permitted us to open our gifts. I waited for a while to see Jaden's reaction and I wasn't disappointed, he looked so happy and it made me so happy. Then I proceeded to opening the blue wrapped box on my desk. I wasn't sure what to expect but I definitely didn't expect a pair of gloves. What's worse was that it wasn't new and I could see a little hole in it. Seriously??? I couldn't keep this in, I had to go and show Mrs Hilda

"Ma'am look what I got" I said

"And whats that" She asked

"I got an old pair of gloves with holes in them" I said, pointing the gloves in her direction and making sure she could see the holes.

She let out a loud sigh


"yes ma'am" I replied

"Do you know why we exchange gifts secretly" she asked

"No ma'am" I replied.

"You see, at times some people can't afford to give presents not to talk of decent ones. At times the school has to step in to assist those who are unable to provide presents for others. But you see, the school can only do so much. The gloves may seem like nothing to you, but to whoever gave them to you they may have been very special. What I'm trying to say is, the price or size of whatever gift you may receive doesn't matter. What matters is whether the gift comes from the heart or not. You understand?"

" I understand" I nodded

After those words of wisdom from Mrs Hilda I felt a little bit bad for not being content with the gift I had received. I decided to try the gloves on and I can't lie they felt really cozy and comfortable.

"Hey" someone called from behind me. I looked back and it was jaden.

stay calm, stay calm. He's just a boy

"hey" I replied

"Maya... "

Oh my God, he knows my name!!!

My head was like a vulcano about to erupt. I was literally struggling to stay on my feet. I had to place my hands on a nearby desk.

"Maya, would you like to hang out after school"

he wants to hang out? Yes! Yes!

My mind was basically doing summersalts, and jumping with excitement.

"Yeah, sure" I barely managed to say.

"See you after school" he said as he headed back to his seat.

I couldn't explain how he could finally see me after so long. It had to be the gloves, I was never taking them off. My lucky charm.


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