Special Connection


photo by pixabay from pexels


Ned sat down on the veranda in front of his log cabin. He was just staring ahead and thinking of nothing in particular. Then his eyes caught two love birds up in the tree. The one that he had assumed was the male seemed to be saying something and the female seemed to be enjoying what he was saying as she looked excited. Before he knew what was going on they began to Kiss.

He stood up hurriedly and ushered the birds away from the tree.

"Even birds are taunting me" he muttered under his breath

Ned had always been a lonely guy for as long as he could remember. Right from when he was little he had social anxiety and no one seemed to care. He had trouble talking to anyone, and anytime someone tried to get close to him he would feel he wasn't good enough and he'd push them away. Eventually people stopped coming, and he was left alone. His family tried coming closer afterwards but it was too late, pushing people away was all he knew how to do.

He built a log cabin in the woods away from everyone, his place of peace. But here he was craving the connection he'd mastered avoiding.

In the night, Ned decided to take a stroll in the woods as was his usual routine. He was humming to his favorite song when he heard a voice. He peeked from behind the bushes as his gaze was met from afar by that of probably the most beautiful lady he'd seen in his life. She was sitting under a tree with two large boulders at each side. He quickly disappeared back into the bushes. His heart was racing. Who was this lady? Why was she there? Should I go and talk to her were the questions that filled his mind.

He stood behind the bushes for sometime, stealing an occasional peek to see whether she was still there.

After almost thirty minutes he finally summoned the courage to go out and talk to her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked as he approached her

She lifted her head up and shifted her attention away from whatever she was looking at on her laps. Her face was brightened by the light of the moon.

"Sorry if this is your spot, I normally come here to get away from everyone in the evenings but today I decided to stay a bit longer."

A few awkward seconds passed before he realized he was meant to speak.

"Oh,that's fine,no problem.I better get going, I've got some stuff to do." He said

"Please don't go,sit let's talk" she pleaded

"But we don't even know each other" He replied

"Well,now is the chance." she said with a smile.

He sighed and sat down on the boulder at the opposite side.

She began by telling him about herself and he returned the favor quite half heartedly, but as they continued to talk,he began to enjoy it.

At that moment he felt completely alive. They continued to talk and hours felt like seconds.Before they knew what was going on it was almost midnight.

They decided they'd meet up at the same place, same time tomorrow, then the next day they had the same arrangement, then the next day, then the day after that, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, it became almost second nature that they'd meet. Occasionally they'd change the location. But there was just something special about that spot that just made them feel closer to each other.

Then one fateful day she didn't show up.

"she's never been late." he thought

He waited, and waited, and waited for what seemed like an eternity but she was nowhere to be found. He picked his phone from his pocket and dialed her number, but she didn't pick the call. His head was spinning, so many thoughts good and bad were running through his mind, he was pacing back and forth when all of a sudden

"Ned!" someone shouted from behind him.

He turned around and there she was, looking as beautiful as always.

She ran into his outstretched hands and gave him a kiss.

"For a second I thought I had chased you away". He said

"I'll always come to you." she said.


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