I'll drive

Dan and Irvin were at the club having a good time. It was somewhat an unspoken tradition of theirs to go to the club every Friday night, this night wasn't different. They had danced, chatted and exchanged numbers with a couple of hot ladies, but now they were just sitting and drinking while trying to discuss what they've been up to.

"Uhh...two... two more glasses of Scotch" Dan stuttered to the bartender. He and Irvin had had too much to drink.

"We...have to...have to get going ,its almost 2am". Irvin said as the bartender dropped the two glasses Dan had ordered.

"I don’t… I don’t know if I… hic… if I can drive." Dan replied before taking a sip from the whiskey that had previously been on the table in front of him.

"Uhhh... fine... I'll drive. I'm... sober enough." said Irvin as he grabbed the other glass and gulped the whiskey at once.

"You sure" Dan asked

"Trust me" Irvin said as he slipped his left hand into Dan's right pocket and pulled out the car keys.

"Come on... let's go." He stood up and headed for the exit.

Dan dropped a 50 dollar bill on the table and followed Irvin to the parking lot. Dan began to doubt Irvin's soberness when he stepped out and saw Irvin looking for the car, even though they were only two cars in the lot.

" Are you... Are you sure we shouldn't... shouldn't just take a cab" He asked.

"No, I... I'm driving and that's final." Irvin said. Clearly angry that Dan didn't trust him.

"Fineee... Whatever you want".

They both hopped into Dan's Hyundai.

For the first few minutes everything seemed to be going well, Dan was struggling to relax at first but after Irvin had made a flawless drive around the roundabout he finally relaxed and felt at ease.

Next thing he remembered some large rock hit his head, or rather his head hit a large rock. He winced in pain and looked around. He was confused when his gaze met a with a gravestone.

He jumped unto his feet and a few feet away was another figure laying on the ground. He approached it slowly, until he realized it was Irvin, then he ran a bit faster and knelt down right in front of him. Immediately he checked his pulse and was relieved to find out he was still alive.

"Irvin, Irvin what are we doing in a god-damn cemetery. Wake up, wake up." he shouted as he shook him vigorously.

Irvin arose slowly and began looking around In utter confusion.

"How did we get here" he asked while rubbing his eyes.

"I should be asking you that. Come on let's get out of here." Dan said as he helped him up.

As they walked out of the cemetery Dan and Irvin saw the car.


Photo by Artyom Kulakov from Pexels

The windscreen was shattered, and it looked as though it had exploded the night before. At that moment it dawned on them that they were lucky to be alive. They still can't remember what exactly happened but from that day they promised each other that none of them would ever drive after drinking.



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