I had always thought I was beautiful not until the girl to loved told me I am ugly. This makes me hate myself. Because other people also told me I am ugly made me believe I am the ugliest person in the entire world. I bought a mask to cover my face because a can afford to let people see my ugly face and tell me how ugly I am. I wouldn't step outside also. I leave with my Dad and Brother.

My brother is a troublesome follower who will always come home with some bruises because would have gotten into trouble with someone before coming. One day, my brother comes home with a bruised kneel, my Daddy was asked him how did he get the bruise, he diverts my Dad's attention to me calling me a psycho because I would wear a mask to cover my ugly face.

I could not go out to have fun as normal people would do, so I would sit on my couch and chat with people on social media since no one could see each other's faces. My mother visited the doctor because she thought I was sick but the doctor told her I wasn't sick and that I only had a strange condition.

I had stopped going to school for a while because of my ugly face. One day, my mother insisted I must go back to school. I was very afraid to go back to school because don't want people to my ugly face. The following day, my mother drop me off at school. The teacher introduces me to my classmates but the students were surprised to see someone wearing a mask to school.

Everyone was so mean to me and wanted to see my face. Two boys were trying to force me to take off my mask, but they manage to remove it after several attempts. I was very angry at them because can now see how ugly I am. I got into a fight with one of those boys. A girl came and tried to separate us. The girl was so surprised to see my face for the first time. She then said how could a handsome guy like you be covering his face. I thought to myself, "Did she just call me handsome".

I got home that day and looked at myself in the mirror because I haven't looked at myself in years, I was surprised to see that I was handsome. That was the last day I ever wore a mask.

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