Lilly was a high girl who was kidnapped on her way home from a night party. Her poster was been pasted all over the place. Jesse was a karate coach who saw the poster of the missing girl with some words written on it making fun of the disappearance. He was irritated by it so he decided to clear it but he only makes it worse. He was about to walk away when he saw three girls bullying the friend of the missing girl called Simi. Simi thought the girls might be the ones who draws on her friend's poster. She confronts the girls and asked them why did they on the poster but they denied it. They did it because they don't want Lilly to be found. Jesse tried to separate them but the girls told him to mind his own business.

Jesse tried to get another job because he was banned from being a coach after pushing the vice of the karate association. Jesse pushes him because he thought the man had collected money to manipulate the result and made his students be the first runner-up instead of the winner. She finally got a job as a gym teacher.

Simi was very worried about her friend and she decided to find her friend herself. She went to a place where a friend works to see if could gather some information but she didn't know that Jesse had been following her since left the school because Jesse thought something strange was going on in her life.

Simi was unable to get any information rather she got into trouble but Jesse managed to rescue her and he carried her home. Jesse went to the police only to find out that a case haven't been filed yet. He then went to Lilly's parent to file the case. Jesse thought something weird was going on in the case because the police tried to dismiss the case claim to be a runaway who when to some city to avoid responsibility. Despite all the efforts to find Lilly, the police couldn't find her. Jesse also tried his best to find her but couldn't, so gave up.

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