Davis was at home browsing the internet searching for a job opportunity when his friend came to tell me about a job. He said a rich man needed an assistant to follow him around. The following day, Davis and his friend went to the rich man's house for an interview, and they eventually the job.

After some days, Davis was already getting tired of the job because his boss's wife name Dara was arrogant. The boss's family and his friends went together on vacation. They are all greeted by the employees but Dara was very snooty toward them. At dinner, Dara's friend was enthused about the trip, the other guest mock her before Dara's husband arrives casually dressed. Dara was very angry because they had all agreed to dress up for dinner.

Dara did everything possible to frustrate Davis by sending him several useless errands. Davis was complaining to his friend about Dara's behavior and promised to deal with her but his friend told him not to do that because he was been being paid to do this job. She continued to him badly throughout the day. The guest asked Davis about his former job. He said he was a full-time fisherman until pollution put an end to it and he said chemicals have made life easier for some people but easier does not mean better. He also added that money corrupts people's principles.

The next day, the other guests visit some places in the city leaving Dara behind. Dara felt like going to visit a cave, which Davis thinks is a bad idea due to the distance, he obliges. Dara and Davis were exploring the cave when suddenly the entrance of the cave was covered with a rock. They were afraid and they tried to find another way out of the caves. After several hours, they managed to find another way out but they were surprised to come out to a deserted place.

Dara can not accept the reality that the place was deserted and calls him all kinds of names. Davis left her angrily. He finds a little shed and makes a little camp for himself. Dara explores alone, after several hours, she eventually finds Davis. Davis something to eat, and he eats as Dara looked at him enviously. She tells him she will pay handsomely for the food but Davis regretted it and tells her that he is in charge now. He tells her to wash his cloth and he will feed her.

He tells her that she will be published any time she disobeys him just as she has been punishing him with her useless errands. As time goes on, they seem to enjoy each other's company and get used to their new life in a strange place.

One morning, they spotted a man from a distance and decided to call out. The man leads them to the city. Dara finally got the chance to see her husband again.

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