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Kindness lunged when she saw a newborn crying. Before crossing the blood barrier. Fear inhibited her forcefully.
"Don't indulge Yourself in each matter."
She pulled her back and but emotional kindness hurried to strike out the bloodstream. Multiple voices were heard. Everyone spoke in opposition. Because of her quickness they always had to face complications. She scrambled to the brain to rescue this kid. Brain glanced at her ruthlessly. She requested no new amassing problems this time. But my brain didn't believe her words. Within seconds Ali grabbed his phone and got busy in chit chat. Kindness dwelled in the heart silently loneliness in the prison.

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Entering his bungalow Ali found gutted seated in the lounge . He moved to his room as he didn't want to encounter a heathen question. Courtesy endeavored to intervene but again the brain dismissed her presence. Aforesaid memories implied the last time he accompanied their gathering. Questions regarding his career annoyed him. No one attended to the psychological sickness he had . No expectations from these business oriented minds that they are not human. Taking out his phone and he started scrolling trends, in minutes he purchased new things from an online store . Mind interfered to stop him "only waste of money". cabinet filled with clothes, shoes and costly gadgets, vestigial because of disuse. Heart rescinded this decision.
"Your parents have a lot of money ,it's all yours" You are only one for whom these luxuries and money are related to.At that moment, he received texts from a friend regarding the submission of an assignment. Lie jumped to save him. Brain got busy formulating the story. He texted Anaya How are you? Conversation turned on, His brain played with words. Emotions were on reserved mode. Heart remained unattendant at this moment as this was the only deal. He proposed his matter-of-fact .She couldn't refute him. As she loved him. Closing his eyes, he thought about how sharp he was. Everyone was applauding the brain. Heart overlooked this ceremony. He felt cold.Honesty, kindness, love, courtesy, mercy, everyone started shivering now.


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Time flew away Ali was a prosperous businessman as his father dreamed. He had a promising reputation for making straight decisions. Sharp brain. Parties were brandished each day in the central nervous system. Everyone regarded the instructions as he had everything under his supervision. Everyday things get more complicated for the heart. No access to bestow optimistic thoughts to Ali. Heart became forgiven where each good trait resided but took its last breaths in deprivation and slighter attention.


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Sofia immigrated into his life.Love was the only prisoner who got liberty from enclosures. Brain played this card to receive attention and fame. After marriage Ali provided enough love to Sophia. But after a while love was again propelled to the heart with torn attire and illness. Brain targeted it badly. But this time heart put up with an oath that he will deliver all of them somewhere.

But will he persist alive with this victorious mind but a deceased heart.


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Cell division commenced, and the Lord instructed traits to change their home. 23 chromosomes were authorized to assort independently. Brain expected to send all his alliances to make the daughter cell successful.But the heart unlocked the cage and discharged everyone. So vulnerable and subtle. Heart petitioned them to showcase their proficiency because they had to endure this struggle. To upset the natural selection. They were less competent. They took a lot of transitions in their struggle. No one knew which one was going to be characterized in the offspring. Sidra was the cute infant who remade the feelings of her grandparents. They gave her each facility because she was the only kid after the death of Ali. She had diverse qualities. The traits inherited by Ali didn't persisted in her mind only but she provided all the supervision to her heart. Courteous, kind, passionate and loving Sidra amazed everyone as she assisted everyone. No discrimination of cast, money or looks. She depicted emotions everywhere. Sofia was surprised too, her chromosomes didn't have such capability. From where she inherited such genes. Ali was smiling somewhere as

his heart was still alive and Sidra inherited it .

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