By the light of moon


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Funny days don't transpire each day Luna, be mature. George gave a warm pat to his daughter. Responsibilities of his family made him old, but still the luminance of his shell and poison in his claws verified his strength. Luna sobbing on her bad fate rolled her antennae. She sensed some unusual tide.I should arrive on the surface to uncover it. But her father's words and restriction incapacitated her legs on the ground.Sensing the nuisance she encircled herself with the rock.
"Why was life so risky for her"?
But she was not only the survivor, all the aquatic individuals had the stress of predation and now pollution. Community reflected the favourable growth until the surface feeders moved to the bottom. No one was comfortable now. Shrimps and crabs disburse each day in threat.


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Winter showed heartlessness and the thick ice layer almost obstructed the sunlight. The phytoplankton took full benefit of all this condition. They trapped light. Bottom feeders were at a drawback. Detritus from the upper surface was not adequate for feeding. But no one has the potential to communicate about it. Luna had thoughts contrary to this. She didn't liked the mercy of sun. What she loved was the moon light. George her father was once warned by an old octopus that ;
"she will have to confront the hostility. If you expect to keep her alive. Don't allow her to celebrate moonlight. If your wouldn't pursue this instructions, little crab. Entire aquatic ecosystem is going to withstand the penalty."


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George analyzed the strange thorax and Luna shell. Crescent shape was not in their hierarchy. Luna finalized her schooling and now she was willing to explore the aquatic flora and fauna. She financed her time in educating the tiny zooplankton. About the homeland , limnology and some stories about the moon. Her students asked her multiple times why don't she emerge on nights when there is an enormous moonlight. "I was immobilized that night. My antenna stopped operating." She explained all this in her mind. Students saw Luna dismissing the last class. How many times you would suppress this discomfort and longing Luna. She implored herself continually. You are crazy for the moon. That's why the moon doesn't permit you to celebrate his brilliance. She loved the moon but it was strange as her love was one-sided. You should tell the moon about this frenzy. Her mind influenced her. This spell was becoming curious. The crescent on her body illuminated in more brilliants. But she was unconscious each time.


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She composed a poem for the moon during the break from her daily classes.

My soul desires for your light
My wordless lips but ingenious thoughts
Makes me crazy and frantic
Attending to the constraints
Desiring to have wings
To evacuate from this ecosystem
Yet I don't like to flee my love ones
Who are pendant for my backing
My home requires me
I am not flightless
You are are my resilience my love
Glimpse at me,
I am in need of your light
To enrich my strengths
Moon be my light

She hid this poem under the rock but John saw her performing this. He committed the sin to take it out. It was the 14 of the lunar calendar. Moon was there to convey light and enthusiasm to everyone. Sofia and Peter left their bed and came in front of this blue light. They rehearsed the promise they made. To live each moment in the companionship of each other. Moon was smiling to see this love of homo sapiens. But would anyone beg for his lambency too. Fulfil Your responsibilities allocated by nature. Sun rebuked him. Sigh poor moon. Stars felt unpleasant for him. But moon masked this sentiments as didn't wished to lessen his power because of this emotional stress. George wrapped the Luna with heavy foliage. He didn't wanted to take risk of her life. Tides were elevated this time. Polyps and other plankton rejoiced this time.


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Suddenly a strange light stunned everyone. Dolphins or sharks are not going to spark in this way.Jelly fishes were doubted for this. Not such illuminance powers is consented to us. Light was getting intenser, tide was tall now. "I am Luna" a gentle voice raised. Sunlight isn't accessible for the bottom individuals. Ecosystem is not favouring the tinier individuals. We are not only stock for all those who have nicest predation skills. Fingerling was going to keep her shut but the moon halted them. Issue is weird, animals should collaborate in this. But the voices were not endorsing his viewpoint. Those having the issue can take off the ocean. But the sunlight is adequate for us. We are not going to share it with other. Raising tides were not reasonable to hold Luna. George was worried that they are going to fling her out of the water. John appeared in moment. He narrated the poem written by Luna. Everyone was amazed at this. You should expect your life tiny creature.

Moon is out of your reach


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Moon felt modifications in his light. The crescent in her body impacted on him. Her brilliance was getting strong. If you prefer to stay with me you have to face a transition. Moon interrogated Luna.
"I am ready to surrender everything for you". Luna answered back in confidence. You will remain close to me but in the memory of no one. You will help your community, by overcoming the pollution but your sacrifice wouldn't be apparent.
"Will you survive in the clouds?"
Luna in enthusiastic voice replied, yes I will.
You will have to burn in the heat but you will have all the brightness. Luna was sent into the Earth's twin planet.

Which doesn't have the moon, only clouds and heat.

Where Luna would impact on producing bigger tides. She would be going to benefit in making the run away from the greenhouse effect. Assisting the earth. Luna took her ride to Venus but the moon remade her into the clouds. By the light of the moon Luna glides to a new destination to achieve a new purpose and new life for love and freedom .



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