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St. Patrick's Day| March pot of Gold contest.



Patrick stain an Irish Man lived with his wife Grace and his two children. All though he was a hard-working man he could barely feed his family as the money was not sufficient enough.

One day he came back from work to find his wife and children home but hungry. He was very disturbed by this issue so he decided to get an extra job.
" Working two or three shifts a day won't be bad," he said.

So the next day, he picked up his suitcase dived right back into the world, with the hopes of getting a job that would sustain his family.

He went from door to door, home to home, office to office, and company to company trying to secure a good job, but unfortunately for him, there were no jobs available.

After a stressful, morning of searching, he was exhausted, he spotted a tree in the far distance and decided to go rest under its shade.

He got to the tree and sat beneath its shade finally taking a break from his hustle, and soon after he started to ponder
"How on earth I'm I suppose to get an extra job?"..but before he could conclude, he heard the sound of merriment coming from behind the bushes.

At first, he was puzzled but later went ahead to find the cause of the noise. He peeked through the bushes, and behold a group of leprechauns, they were dancing singing, and having a good time, that they didn't notice they had a spy.
Patrick was filled with joy as he remembered the law that says anyone who spots a leprechaun shall be rewarded a golden goose.

"Hey, you," he said, "give me your pot of gold " deepening his voice to sound intimidating.

The leprechaun froze for a moment before bursting out in laughter.

"Now, why would we do you that, " one of the leprechauns said, he looked old and wise as he made his way towards Patrick.

" The rule says that, if anyone should behold the
Tiny men dressed in green clothing, with the flower of shamrock attached to their clothes, they shall ask them for their pot of gold and they shall obey" Patrick said fully confident.

And so the leprechaun smiled and said
" Very well, you seem very smart " and they brought a goose that lays golden eggs and gave it to Patrick but instructed him not to tell anyone about it, on his way home.

Patrick left the leprechauns smiling with joy, and so he took a long way home.

On reaching his home, he shared with his wife his good fortune, she was so happy and filled with joy, at last, they were free from hunger and poverty.

But when it was time for the goose to lay its golden egg, it didn't, they waited for hours still nothing happened. Patrick Rose in anger
"Those tiny-little men cheated me !!", he said. So he picked up his bag again and journeyed to the place he had met the Leprechauns. Luckily for him, they were still partying as their party was to last for about three days.

"You tiny scoundrels!!", He yelled just who do you think you are, given me a broken goose?!", he said in a challenging tone.

The leprechauns were flustered with confusion,
"A broken goose??!" they chorused,

"Yes a broken goose, because all it did was lay regular eggs instead of the golden eggs you promised me," he said.

"But that's not possible", the elder Leprechaun intervened...
"Except you didn't go straight home as I instructed.." he claimed.

Patrick paused for a moment trying to recall the events of the day before.

In a split second his jaw dropped, his eyes widened as he realized what happened.

The previous day as I was walking home, I felt a little dizzy, due to my lack of food, so I stopped by some stranger's home, begging them for food and I told them that when my goose lays a golden, I will surely repay them...

On hearing this the leprechauns replied, " there you have it, you broke the magic, now all you have is a goose with no magic...

You should have talked to no one like I instructed, the fault is just simply on you my friend"

On hearing this Patrick broke down in tears, defeated by his I'll fated misfortune.

" But don't you worry, you're a man with a good heart, your only mistake was to share too much, so stop your crying we have something that might be of good help to you," the elder Leprechaun said pointing at

the big table clothes the other leprechauns were now carrying, take this home and your family will know no hunger, feel free to share with your friend as you are a man of good fate. He said, handing the clothes over to him.

On reaching home he told his wife all that happened, he show her the cloth which he spread on the floor for they had no-table and just like that food began to appear on the clothes. At first, they were shocked but sooner enough they relaxed into it, and thus began the enjoyment of a lifetime.

Word got out about this magic so that people all over the town came to bear witness to this magical mystery. They ate till their belly rumbled, returning home when the party was over.

And ever since then a day was to celebrate Patrick's rise to success and upliftment from poverty, and being the first man of their time to spot a leprechaun.
And every year people gathered, ate drank to their hearts' content. On a day forever known as Saint Patrick's Day.

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