Can I Be A Hero Like Her?


As you approach the city, you can see a ship in the wooden harbor. It's a large ship, with many people on board.

As you get closer, you see that these people are not all human at all. They're elves, dwarves, and hobbits. And there they are, heroes! They have come from across the sea with a big ship and come to help us in our time of need!
People cheered with excitement!

Their armor is made from a mixture of gold and silver. It has a shiny gold surface that reflects the light, and it has a dark silver lining for protection. The cape is made from black silk, with a red lining that matches the rest of the armor.

Roaring like a lion, she began to speak,
''Ladies and gentlemen,
It's an honor to be here today. I've been the commander of our army for four years now, and I have to say that I have never been more proud of my troops than I am today.
We are about to engage in battle with the monsters that have conquered so many countries, but we are ready for them! We will not surrender—not today, not ever!
I have been tasked with leading this mission and fighting for our survival, but more importantly, for the survival of our loved ones!
I will fight!
We will fight with all of our might to ensure that we succeed in this endeavor. We are not the only ones who can make this happen; however, it will take all of us working together in order to achieve our goal!
Pray for us!
This is not a time to be nervous; it is a time to be brave and fearless. Our enemies are powerful and they are intent on destroying us—but we will not let them!
I am confident that as long as we work together as one unit, we will be victorious!''

The applause was apocalyptic.

The people had been waiting a long time for the kingdom to help them, and finally, the wait had paid off. Now they had the power to defend themselves against the creatures.
Many people thought the heroes were tired from the journey on the sea and offered them drinks and food.
After accepting their offerings quickly, without breaking their order, they started walking.
Towards the outskirts of the city.
The sound of their steps echoed through the streets.

They spoke to the brave soldiers and frightened archers lining the walls around the city.
Then they made a plan between themselves. We don't know what they spoke of.
They changed their formation.

''Open the gate! NOW! ''
The woman shouted again and they all started walking out of the gate with trained steps.
After they came out, people saw the battlefield. They saw that the soldiers they had sent were struggling but their morale had been boosted by the new troops.
Then the gates closed again.
The waiting began.
People held the palms of their children.
They waited.
They waited...
It was very difficult to predict what would happen. They knew that the creatures on the other side were very powerful.
Were these heroes enough?
Was it enough that so many trained people came to the rescue?
And what if it wasn't enough? What will happen then...

Then a horn sounded. The archers on the wall threw up their hands in joy and excitement and shouted for victory.
Everyone suddenly embraced each other in ecstasy and all the people realized that they had been saved.
It was over.
The creatures were no more.

The door slowly opened again.
They saw a soldier being carried on a stretcher. This was the woman who had just spoken to them. She was in very bad shape and her armor was stained with fresh blood.
The medics and healers rushed in and began to do their best to heal her.

Here, my son, this is the statue of that woman. Alilana Xiljor.
Her spirit left us that day, but thanks to this statue we made for her, she will always protect us.

As the little boy listened to his father tell this story, he looked towards the large statue of a woman in the center of the city, a sword in her hand, pointing towards the gate between the walls, a purpose, and goal in her eyes.

''So daddy, can I be a hero like her when I grow up?
''Why not, my son, of course, you can.''
His father took the boy by the hand and started walking towards the market in the town. He had bread and food to buy for the evening...

Thank you so much for reading!

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