The Ink Well Contest: Week One Draft - Bali and his seven

Bali and his seven


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I never thought my life would end this way, running from city to city, always haunted by misfortune and death. It all started one night in April while my friends convinced me to go to an abandoned house to spend the night and tell horror stories. The night was upon us and the beers clouded our ideas; as the hours passed we began to explore the house and when we entered the basement, we saw that there were strange marks covering the door and my friends did not pay attention to it, they just pushed until it gave way and at that moment I felt such a strange air coming from there which came from the underworld or from inside the basement itself.

We found many things that none of us would have thought to find: black candles, broken crosses, hanging bones and in the middle of it all, there was a black book, which looked intact despite being in the middle of such a dirty and forgotten place, it looked like... A very violent fight had happened around it but at the same time it was as if no one had dared to touch the book, everything around it was broken as if those things had been thrown or used to hit someone. I don't know what my friends were thinking, but they thought it would be a good idea to take that book upstairs to read it with the other guys... The biggest mistake we could have made.


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As we went upstairs, the beers won out over common sense and this is when it occurred to us to open the book and see what it said. It had really grotesque drawings and talked about rituals, although it was in a really weird language, one person took the time to translate it and attach to each page its respective translation of the dark rituals. Among all of them we were left with "The curse of Bali and his 7 misfortunes" which upon reading it spoke of the great dark lord Bali being called to a room and choosing 7 men with lost hearts and souls to be the deliverers of misfortunes, who would be sent on different paths and when any of them met any of their companions... The dark beings would rise up and wipe out everything around them until 2 days and 3 nights had passed.

"It seems so silly to me that you guys believe that everything it says there is true" Said Sonia, the girl who was reading the rites "it's obvious that it's something made up by someone who had nothing to do"

"I wouldn't say that" Replied Richard, nervous "to me, yes it is real... So let's throw that book away" And he walked further away from the book.

Here began a discussion on whether to keep the book with us or throw it away and it is at this moment where I said something that makes me regret every day since then.

"Guys let's do this, let's do the ritual of Bali and his 7 misfortunes, but, let's not do it complete, it says here that we must make a blood offering all present... Let's do the chant, let's get in the circle, but, let's not cut ourselves or make the blood sacrifice. That way we can feel if something happens and if so we will stop in time Do you agree?" Unfortunately everyone agreed with me.

And so we did, we looked for the black candles, we dusted the idols that surrounded the circle, with chalk we traced the lines just as it said in the pages of the book and we placed the ceremonial knives just as requested. When we had everything ready we sat in the positions and we began the call to the lord of misfortunes Bali the red, ancient human who gave himself to the dark gods and who is destined to distribute misfortune and death to the world with his followers... I really forgot already the words that we used, but I remember very well what happened next.

After a certain point, the energy of the place changed, as the air became heavy and the alcohol left my system all at once, I was alert feeling how the environment became hostile and everything looked so bizarre when looking around. My skin was bristling when I saw how everyone was moving at the same time while repeating the chant, I tried to shout for them to stop but I realized that my body was not obeying me and that my hand was already holding the ceremonial knife, just like the rest... By the time I regained control over my body the pact was done. Bali was there, he almost looked like a human with his old clothes, his average height and his rough features, but, his evil smile and the energy he expelled made you realize that he was anything but that. He took a quick turn and said "lost souls, children of sin, I accept your offering and make you partakers of my dark covenant, now, go into all the world and expand my misfortunes to everyone who crosses your path."

We woke up the next morning, with pain all over our bodies and with the certainty that our life will be a martyrdom until our death. Now I am sitting here in this bar in this ghost town where there are more bottles of whiskey than people believing that I will finally spend a night in a bed under a roof and not in some alley, but, my hopes ended when I saw Sonia enter with two boys, her smile died the moment she saw me and in my body I felt how the dark ones were getting ready to come out again and end the little life left in this desolate town... Well, I think it will give me time to finish with this drink at least.

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