This Street, So Lively, so Annoying

Hi all! This is my entry for @theinkwell's contest, Main Street and I encourage you all to check it out.


  • CK: Coby Kizaru.

  • BK Bar Keep.

  • The rest of the characters are mostly named.


Night night? - by LIFE_DRIVER - CCO,

This Street, So Lively, so Annoying:

This street. So full of life, so annoying. The so called music from nearby bars won't let me sleep at night. Might as well go grab one drink, just one drink and socialize a bit.

20 minutes later.

CK: Long time there Bar Keep, how's everything? How about you pour me the usual and whatever my new friend here, uhmmm what's your name again?

BK elegantly pouring drink.

Jaja: Jaja!

CK: Yes, give Jaja whatever he wants and remember you promised me an extra beer next time I'd come over. Well here I am!

BK: Yes, next time. What will it be for you Jaja?

CK: ...You always say that...

Jaja: The coldest Mutzig will do.

BK: Coming right up!

CK: So, where do party people go to have a great time these days?

Jaja: Uhm, be careful what you wish for but if you're sure, then I got you!

🍺+🍻+🥂+(🥃X3)=? =>🚘=>🌃=>(🥃X?)=> ?+(? X?)= ? =>🌄=>💤

20 mintes past 3 PM, this hangover is so annoying.

Past the first few shots I don't remember much until around 6 AM, when Jaja and his friends were dropping me off. God bless those annoyingly sweet kids.

A walk should do me some good.

Imihanda - by Portraitor -, CCO

This street. So full of life, so annoying. Daytime the kids let loose playing street football and indulging in all types of shenanigans until dusk kicks dust. I can't blame them, but they're so annoying, I must have been so annoying.

I wonder how many injuries I got as a kid on a not so different street. I barely think about it and the lingering scars ache.

Never mind that. Why the heck is Kevin running around with a trail of tears and his mom right behind him belt in her hand?

I bet my bottom dollar he was playing football before doing his homework or straight up ditched school for the game's thrill. What an amateur, he should have had at least one spotter with whom he'd switch with when benched. Smh

But then again with whoopings comes wisdom, you will figure it out young Padawan, you will figure it out.

Oh but what a twisted plot! Devon is just standing near their gate with a devilish smirk, experience tells me he snitched on his brother. Classic!

I wonder if he kn⚽...

Random Kid: Good afternoon mister, can you please kick the ball to us?

CK: Oh, ... sure.

That kid, so polite so kind. So annoying.


I Still got it!

Random Kid: Thanks mister!

CK: Don't mention it.

Ok, now where was I again? I think I'm running on fumes, it's hard to notice the difference these days.

MrsNoFrown: CK! HEYII CK! Wait up!

CK: Oh hi there MrsNoFrown, I hadn't heard you. How's everything?

MrsNoFrown: Life's good.... pfiiu pfiuu pfiu.... Give me a second. Pfiiu pfiu...

MrsNoFrown: So, pfiu, I hear you went out with the youngins last night. I'm surprised your back didn't give in, and even more surprised that you managed to keep up.😂

CK: About that, I didn't. We had our time, but I'll leave all nighters to the kiddos from now on.

MrsNoFrown: Wise decision. You wouldn't want the wife thinking you're having a mid life crisis phase just yet now would you? She's furious by the way.

CK: Wh...

MrsNoFrown: Anywho, are you going to Haki's barbecue Saturday? I hear there will be plenty whiskey and possibly performances from some of our local artists.

CK: Of course, I wouldn't miss it.

MrsNoFrown: Sweet. Say, will you be at tomorrow's community assembly to present your stance on the "The Belt Street Initiative (BSI)? With both sides having petty proponents the debate is bound to be eventful.

CK: I'll be there, I just hope it won't get as rowdy as last time. Why?

MrsNoFrown: Sweet! Well, I won't make it since I'll be working the night shift. So I was wondering if you could take notes and send them to me on the Facebook afterwards?

CK: It's no problem, I'll do it.

MrsNoFrown: Inbox this time though, not the wall.

CK: 😂 Inbox this time.

MrsNoFrown: Good. Also, bring at least one bottle Saturday. Bye!

Jolly blues - by Portraitor - CCO,

This street is so annoying, but is my kind of annoying. I struggle with whether or not we should strip it of it's personality by making it yet another plain paved road.

Regardless, I'll vote for no change. Better the annoyance you know than the annoyance you don't.

My head hurts.

I crave porridge and need freezing water. 10 more feet, just 8 more feet give or take 5 minutes until I can fill up to my stomach's content. Can't wait!

MamaBonbon: I was starting to think you'd forgotten all about us. The usual?

CK: First of all, there's no way I could ever forget my favorite porridge spot in the city. Second, Yes, the usual and freezing water please.

Random triple tap on CK's shoulder.

Jaja: CK! You're still alive! 😂 Man, last night you showed us how to party. You must have been quite something in your heyday. No offense.

CK: None taken. Quite the pleasant surprise meeting you again so soon. But what do you mean I must have been something? What happened last night?

Jaja: Dude, not only you were macking all over the place but you were busting out moves left and right like you were possessed. Most of it is recorded if you want to see.

CK: Oh yeah, show me. Actually you know what, don't. Better it stays a mystery. I have to hand it to you though, you made good on your promise to take me on a crazy journey. Cheers!

Jaja: Glad you enjoyed. We're actually heading out to pre-game in a few and then onto another night of random fun. Want to join? This time it's on me.

CK: Nah, I'm beat. Maybe another time, you guys fun though.

Jaja: We will! Have a great one as well.

MamaBonbon: So the rumor that you lived it up last night for old times is true. Good for you!

CK: Not so sure about that, matter of fact give me some more water on the rocks, lots of rocks.

MamaBonbon: 🤣 Coming right up, the second one is on the house.

CK: Nice. Thanks!

Man I'm sleepy.


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