The inkwell prompt #39 : LOVE AND MUSIC

Everybody in the village knows how talented Danny was with the guitar. Watching him play was a beautiful sight to behold and the church was glad to employ his services for the sunday services.

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What more can a local boy make out from a great talent in a poor village of just two thousand people? Though the money wasnt much, he was however glad that the church was gracious enough to employ his services. His stepmother had begged him to learn a better skill that would at least put food on the table since they cannot afford to send him to school but he refused.

I can play the guitar well, what other skill is greater than that?

She stopped giving Danny food in the bid to make him change his mind but all was to no avail. He was more and more determined to make something out from his talent. He started researching on how to turn his talent into a gold mine and on this particular day as he was coming back from the youth centre where he often use the internet for free he met Zamara.

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It was love at first sight but such can't be said for Zamara for she didn't even notice him. She was way out of his league and besides she came to the center with her mother who was flocking all over her like a mother hen looking out against vultures.

human vultures!

Danny continued on his quest to find the life that would give him joy and good food. He approached other churches in the neighbourhood and volunteered to play the guitar for them for a small fee. It was not much but atleast it can buy him food to eat.

One of the days while playing the guitar in a new church he saw Zamara. He was thrilled and was very determined to get her attention. He put more effort and skill in his work that he became too good not to be noticed.

Your name is Danny right?

He looked up and it was Zamara standing before him smiling so graciously. Danny smiled back at her. Heaven have finally remembered him.

Danny boy, that's my stage name

Zamara was the pastor's only daughter and was almost getting through with high school. She has three senior brothers that were all studying abroad. Her parents were putting in so much money and effort to make sure she got to study medicine in one of the best university in the country.

They started noticing some strange and odd behaviour from their daughter. Upon proper investigation they found out that she was seeing a boy.

I know this place would bring nothing but trouble to us!

The church posted Zamara's father to a new parish in the village to head and his wife had kicked against them moving from the city to the village though it was for her own selfish reason. She could not imagine herself playing mummy G.O in the village.

When they found out that it was Danny that was setting their daughter's soul on fire they were flabbergasted and disappointed. The pastor invited Danny into his office and threatened him to leave his daughter or face being sacked.

Danny resigned the next day.

This made the pastor more furious and he told his wife to talk sense into their daughter. It was an intense battle that they could not win.

I love him mother, his music brings solace to my troubled soul, I dont want you and dad controlling my life anymore. I want Danny boy ,he is my peace.

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Zamara's parents called all their family members to help them get back their daughter from the hands of the village pauper. All Zamara's brothers called her and expressed their disappointment on how low she brought herself to settle for a man without a future.

Is that how you want to dent our family name ?

Zamara joined Danny in the quest to find a good opportunity where he can harness his talent. She knew that if given the chance Danny would make everyone proud. Luckily they got an opportunity to audition for a role of a guitarist in a gospel album in the city. Zamara gave him all the money she have and he traveled to the city. Luckily for him, he got the role. He spent two weeks in the city for the album shoot after which he came back to the village.

Ohh Christ! I thought he was gone for good! ; Zamara's father grumbled.

Danny got an offer from a man he met during the album shoot to apply for scholarship in one of the best music schools in the country. He wrote the examination and passed but unfortunately the school only covers half of the Tuiton fees and he have to take care of the other half.

They started sourcing for funds but none was forthcoming because the money involved was much. Zamara didn't bother asking her parents because she knew how much they loathes Danny. She talked to her best friend about the scholarship and she discouraged her from offering any type of help to Danny. Zamara got really scared by what her friend told her and she wondered if she was making the right decision for their relationship.

Two days later Zamara's mother was walking to her room when she heard Zamara whispering on the phone and when she heard Danny's name , she thought it was wise to eavesdrop.

Two weeks later Danny received a mail that the other remaining half of his Tuiton fee have been taken care of by an anonymous donor. Danny was happy and surprised at the same time. He wondered whom God used to answer his prayers . When he broke the good news to Zamara she started laughing.

I know they will fall for that, So predictable.

She explained to Danny how she faked a call in the hearing of her mother who happened to be passing by. She disclosed that Danny needed money for his tuiton fees but she wished he wouldn't get it because she feared he would forget about her and start dating another woman. Zamara's mother fall for it and told her husband immediately.

They thought that it was a good opportunity to get Danny out of their daughter's life for good and it became a mission they were bent on actualizong. Zamara's brothers abroad also sent in their own quota to add up with what their parents came up with and they paid off Danny's tuiton.

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Danny wondered what he ever did to deserve a love like Zamara's. He held her tight and said gently...

You know I am not ever going to leave you right?

Zamara believed him.

A month later, Danny left for school and Zamara got back to her studies. She was more determined with her studies than before and her parents thought they have finally won the battle. They made sure no other man got an inch close to Zamara.

Zamara on the other side changed Danny's name on her phone to something else. She didn't want her parents to know that she was still in contant with Danny. She got admission to study medicine in the university and that gave her freedom from the hunting eyes of her parents.

The next time Zamara's parents set eyes on Danny, he was no longer the village pauper they knew back then.


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He was the famous Danny boy, the young artist that was making waves in the music industry. Even as a student he has already been signed up into a top recording labels. His albums were among the top five in the country and he was set to feature Boddon, an international music guru in his next album.

I have come to formally marry my Queen sir

Zamara's parents were at the moment Danny boy's number one fan. They not only gave their blessings, they also apologised to Danny on how they treated him years ago.


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