The Ink Well Prompt # 25: A Word of Advice- Almira and the Words

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Here is my entry into, The InkWell prompt #25: A word of advice.

This is a fictional story, names and places mentioned were all products of my creative mind.

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"Girl, time, learn to watch your step so that you will not face this kind of shameful thing..haisssstttttt!". Almira told herself while walking on a pathway, going to her office, holding her shoe, which was destroyed as she accidentally stepped on the drainage cover.

Almira works as one of the Executives in The Builders International Company, in Hilton Bridge. This was her daily situation, whenever she was on a morning shift, encountering heavy traffic and because she wanted to reach the office on time, she always left her car in any commercial parking area and walked till she reached the workplace. That was why she mostly preferred to ride on their company shuttle service, to avoid the hustles. If it reaches their company late, then the fault was not hers.

"Good morning, Miss Mendez!. What happened to your shoe?". Mila, her Executive Assistant asked.

"Good morning Mila, a long story to tell, and it was not a nice one! Gonna tell you later. Inform everyone, to go to my office. Please?" Almira replied.

As she entered her office, she saw flowers on her table, and this was happening every day for more than a year. Sometimes some other foodstuffs too. And as usual her mood changes and becomes sour, you could never paint her face no matter how professional painter you are.

"Hi Almira, how's your day going?. You made my day beautiful, did you miss me?" Jared Morando asked playfully. He was the Senior Department Head in that company.

"I was fine a moment ago sir, thank you! If you may excuse me, I have a meeting with my department staff!". Almira replied sarcastically.

"You were fine a moment ago? Okay, then after your meeting, please report to my office. You need to discuss with me the project proposal, I am not content with the format". Jared said, and walked away, whistling.

Almira didn't reply and walked away.

Jared Morando, was an avid suitor of Almira, from the very first day she got hired in the company. He was good and supportive of Almira, but everything changed after he got rejected. He was so famous for being so cruel and disrespectful to the employees and has a bad reputation when it comes to his job, a type of leader who always passed his obligations to his assistant and loved to blame other people for his faults.

Almira's first encounter with Jared from the very first day was so unpleasant. She will never forget how this man looked maliciously at her from head to foot. For how many times did this guy receive a slashing word from her, and how many times this guy got suspended and transferred to the other branch office because of conduct unbecoming? she couldn't remember anymore. But he was still working there because of strong connections with some higher officials.

Almira was an asset of the company, it granted her a partial scholarship of 35% of her total tuition fee in her studies, as part of her incentives as an executive, but she needs to work with the company after she graduated as part of the contract or she needs to return the expenses spent by the company, if she wanted to resign, and still need to finish a year of company service, to protect the abandonment of projects. She was accelerated twice from garnering a perfect score in 3 major subjects in all semesters in the university, which took her to finish her master's degree in less than 2 years, with flying colors, that made her get another rank level up promotion, at work, but she did not accept it.

She was the youngest executive in that company. She has a lot of unpleasant experiences there, because of the power struggle of the other greedy contenders with a crab mentality, who were aspiring for her position, plus the intolerable presence of Jared Morando. She was not happy anymore in that company, she wanted to resign but her contract with her company prohibited her.

Until one unusual thing happened to a member of her family that made her decide to talk with the manager and file a resignation, with a promise that she will return all the expenses that the company spent on her studies.

But the company only gave her a lengthy vacation, some higher officials were very accommodating and the treatment of her was good, but some people there did their best to make her stay there, full of difficulties. There was a time they created a big problem, in one of the projects that she initiated, that caused a big loss to their company and blamed her. She was so stressed and depressed, at those times she was also busy with her thesis in the university. Later on, the company found out the truth, that she was innocent.

In her mind, her big salary and promotional incentives were all worthless if she was not happy in her workplace anymore, and her main reason for her resignation was about family matters. For her, nothing comes first other than her family.

Her company was satisfied with the quality of her job. But some people are continuously doing their best to annoy her.

One morning, she got so angry with Jared Morando, who showed a disrespectful act against her during their online meeting together with the all employees under her supervision. She almost cried from so much anger, that guy crossed the limits, conceited and overconfident, aside from his high level of laziness. Mila was also at the meeting and sent her a direct message and, gave her friendly advice, and said,

"Let your deeds, and words show
who you are.."


In that advice, she regained her composure, and during the heated discussion with Jared, she used respectful words and never let her ruin her self-worth and dignity. She managed to control herself from throwing unprofessional and bad words, even if she was full of anger at that time, but she successfully slashed him with her sharp words in a nice way. After that meeting, she called Mila and it shared a bible verse with her in connection with the advice she gave to her,

"A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." Luke 6:45

"Miss. Mendez, please always remember this Bible verse, you are still young, and will surely face a lot of difficulties in life, that may challenge your patience, let these verses guide you, so it will let your words and deeds show who you are". Mila told her.

Since then Almira kept those words in her mind. She decided that she will resign from that company after her long vacation, she just needs to negotiate well, money is not a problem for her. She knows she will never be comfortable in that company anymore because of the selfish and greedy people existing there.
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