…"Hey! Grace, put the things back here, it's still too early to go back home" Suzzette said to Grace.

"I should be at home before the evening come, Mom and Dad will go to their friend's house and they are expecting me to come with them. See you tomorrow Suzzette!"
and Grace waved goodbye to Suzzette.

Suzzette Carlson is a typical teenager, a 15-year-old girl living with her parents with 3 siblings. She was an easy-go-lucky girl, taking life always in an easier way, she was not a bad one though, but she only wanted to enjoy things whatever it was until they transfer back to their house on the Main Street of Riverwalk Subdivision

The Carlson family moved back to their old house at Main Street after living in the other City for 8 years, her father has transferred his workplace the reason why they need to go back to the old house, they live a good life, the siblings are happily spending their lives and they are very happy to be back at their old house, except for Suzzette

She is always wanted to stay outdoors after her friends left to go home, she spends some more time walking around, and window shopping at the malls. One evening her Mom asked her "Suzzette, sweetheart, I observed that you are spending your time more outside the house, I have never seen you enjoy being here in our house, seems like you are not comfortable here, is there anything wrong?!" Suzzette just smiles and kissed her Mom in the forehead and left for her room.

The next day, Suzzette was fixing her things when she heard a sound in the storage room near her bedroom. She stopped for a while and had walked slowly going in the direction of that room but when she was about to touch the doorknob to open the door, she was shocked when the doorknob clicked as if somebody was holding the knob from the inside..she asked "Is there anyone inside the room? Mom, is it you?" But no one responded

She was about to open the door when her Mom suddenly appeared and said "It seems like you are surprised that you see me, you look so pale.. any problem?

Suzzette, smile and hugged her Mom and guide her to go down to have some snacks, but while walking, she looked back looking at the storage room, still curious and scared at the same time

Nighttime came and Suzzette was sleeping so tight when she shouted " No!!!" and hurriedly walked out of her room and fastly went down the stairs and drink a glass of water..she was staring blankly as she once again remembers the last time she entered into that storage room to check for the strange noises...when she was 8 years old.

7 years ago….


Suzzette is happily eating her snacks with her Mom when her Dad, joyfully calling her "Suzzette, Dad is here..where are you? I have something for you!!" As Suzzette heard her Dad's voice, she went to him and hugged him and said "Hi Dad..!! " and her Dad gave her a very cute and beautiful doll.. "look what I got for you? Do you like it?" Suzzette's eyes got so big and admiringly said "Wowwwww….Daddy.I loved it...this is cute and pretty!!! Thank you..thank you!!!" And she played with her doll happily while singing some kiddie song while playing on it..her happiness was so hard to ignore it radiated and being felt by her family too... they happily watched her.

The evening came and the family was eating together. Suzzette finished her food and went to her room, excitedly look for her doll, but it was nowhere to be found…

She started to cry, look for it all over places but unfortunately, she failed to find it. She went to her Mom and explained everything..but the doll was mysteriously disappeared.

Suzzette got to sleep while crying around midnight, she heard some noise in the next room to was their storage room. She went there and heard some children's voices that seemed to be like whispering and playing. She opened the door and got so shocked at what she had seen, it was not their was another place but how? she asked herself.."Am I dreaming?"


But she is still seeing their door closed behind her..but how come she got into this place appeared so strange, and unknown to her, she nobody out there but the neverending dusty road with tall grasses on the side..and the voices she heard before was fading, until she was not hearing the far end of the road, she saw a very dark smoke seemed like covering the places turning the daytime into a night..and it was coming so near to her..she got so frightened and confused about what she was going to do..she step back and run fast to the close door behind her, opened it hurriedly enter and closed it just before the night in that unknown place reach her.

Little Suzzette collapsed and felt nothing, as she opened her eyes, what she had seen was the worried face of her Mom lovingly observing her..and she told everything to her, but unfortunately, she didn't believe her or doubting, thinking that she was just having had a nightmare….


After reminiscing everything that had transpired that night 7 years was all fresh from Suzzettes mind, the fear and the confusions in her mind were still there..nobody believed her.

How could she live peacefully in that place from now on? Where all she could see was the scary and unknown place behind the door? How could she explain the sudden disappearance of her doll 7 years ago?
Was it all the product of her imagination? or as her mother has told her, it was just a nightmare? Or this was just the result of longing for her missing doll? the doll was also a big question in the first place..could it be classified as a paranormal thing?

Sometimes, there are things in our life that are so hard to explain, especially with the imaginative mind of a kid, or things that humans could never be explained and ended by giving the conclusion that some things are part of the mysteries of life

What is happening in that storage room? What is that unknown place behind the door of that storage room of that house in Main Street?....

This fictional story is created by me..and the names, places, and situations mentioned were only the product of my creative mind! My entry into The Inkwell Prompt #21:MAIN STREET
I hope you like it!
Please take care!
I hope you did all your stuff and your day goes well today!❤🌷!


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