MY SHARE OF THE INHERITANCE --- The Ink well Contest #48

When someone you love dies, how do you feel? Pained without doubt. I lost my Dad some 13 years ago and I felt so much pain, the family mourned for several years because we loved him so dearly.

Amidst the pains the death of a loved one brings, it gladdens many to see that the deceased, especially if rich, bequeathed something to them.

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Have you lost someone? Have you seen someone who lost a parent? Ask him what he inherited from his parents. Wealth of course. But is it so in all cases? Hardly.

Mr Adams died and left his children with so much wealth. Before his death, he told his Lawyer that his will containing the sharing formula be read the night before his burial. But his impatient oldest son bribed the Lawyer to get a sneak peek into the will before it was read. The Lawyer refused to oblige.

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So he added some sleeping pills into his drink one day he came visiting. When the Lawyer slept off, he checked his file and got to know the contents of the will.

Ray, as he was called, flared up upon seeing that his father had given a Ferrari, an estate and some good money to the second son but only handed him a supermarket. He went as far as revealing what he found from the Lawyer's file to his brother and threatened to kill him except he allows them to swap possessions when the will is read.

The Lawyer who later found what he did attempted to sue him but the wife of the chief begged on his behalf.

On the night before the burial, all was set for the lawyer to announce the will. Before announcing the will, he begged the family to allow him to make a little speech. He was obliged and so he began:

"People have a lot of what the leave for the children when they die. Some have a lot but have no will before they die, yet their children manage the wealth well and live in peace. Some leave nothing yet the children fend for themselves and become people influential in the society. Whatever your father has bequeathed to each one if you here, accept it and go make a fortune with it".

"I have a blood disease as inheritance from my father. I inherited Familial Acute Myeloid Leukemia.( FAML)".

Everyone was mouth-agaped. But he continued.

"Yes, I have Leukemia and I have just one month to live. If I have a million healthy lives, I would give it to my children but I have none. My wealth, I did not bother to share for them because I know they have got a mortal inheritance; a genetic disease that makes the wealth meaningless".

He wipes his eyes with his white handkerchief while all looked in askance.

After the short speech, the lawyer picked up the will and read. As he finished reading it, to his surprise the two sons hugged themselves, and sat beside each other. They were happy they learnt from the story early enough and told the Lawyer and their mother that they need no will. They are ready to work with each other to preserve the legacy their father left behind. Their Mother with a beautiful smile stood up, hugged the two boys and told the lawyer that the will should be torn. They are all ready to live as one.

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Everyone was happy. They expressed their concern for the Lawyer's health and sympathized with him. They prayed for him and wished him a longer life. But the Doctors had said he would die.

What is your inheritance? Do you cherish what you've got or make troubles and cheat other family members off it? Be appreciative and work hard on your own to pass on a good legacy to your children.


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