Andrei took another look in the side-mirror of the taxi and adjusted his tie one last time, there was a bright look in his eye this particular morning, he just got an internship at one of the biggest tech companies, today is his first day and the air just feels a bit fresher.

As Andrei got down from the taxi, The huge shadow of the building wore off his enthusiastic smile, a slight frown crossed his face as he remembered something he had been hiding, During his application for the internship, he left out some details about his life.

Andrei had a criminal record during his teen years, he had spent quite a number of time in and out of Juvenile Detention. He had a bit of troubled childhood, his mother was clinically diagnosed in a mental institution before she passed away, He spent most of his formative years being passed around foster homes.

Andrei took a deep breath and walked forward into the building, he could read the giant sign of the company at the entrance, RineX Tech is one of the leading new generation bio-tech companies, they created an algorithm that can link ancestry from fingerprints with 99 percent efficiency.

"Good morning, My name is Andrei, I'm here for the..."

"Internship program right" The receptionist interrupted, "Here's your badge, the floor number is written on there"

The receptionist handed over the card with the quickest smile and immediately went back to typing on the computer, the whole environment looked active and busy. Andrei took a long look at the card as he walked over to the elevator, around him were also other people whom he suspected to be interns like himself - looking like a bunch of lost puppies.

Andrei got to the floor designated for interns and took a quick look around, he tried to relax as he breathed in the unfamiliar air.

"Hey, you... with the brown tie, come with me" An Older man said authoritatively while pointing towards Andrei.

The man walked closer towards Andrei, he peeked through his glasses and focused on Andrei's name on his badge.

"Andrei... huh?"

"Yes sir" Andrei replied as he followed this man and walked out the room.

They took the elevator back down to the ground floor, Andrei thought there were going to a different department until he followed the man out of the building.

The man walked to a black SUV, Andrei stood outside the car for a moment, he was confused about the whole scenario.

"C-mon, Get in, what you waiting for" The Older man motioned towards Andrei.

Andrei sat nervously in the car, "Umm... where are we going" Andrei asked with a smile that masked his confusion.

"Oh... we are going to the mansion, you have been chosen young Jedi," The Older man said jokingly with a chuckle.

Andrei smiled in response as he wondered what task this Older man had in store for him.

Shortly afterward they arrived at a manor-looking mansion, Andrei got down from the car and looked around with wide eyes soaking in the sights, he could inhale the fresh country-side air and birds chirping in the background, He realized that he was far away from the crowded urban settlements where he grew familiar with the sounds of trains and honking cars.

"This way, young man" The older man interrupted Andrei who seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

Andrei followed closely with a feeling of suspense, they walked into a large library, a much older man was seated reading a newspaper, Andrei immediately recognized the man, he was the CEO of the company, Mr. Phillipe.

"Good day Sir"

"Oh hello, Samuel... and this is the boy I presume" Mr Phillipe responded.

Mr. Phillipe walked slowly towards the both of them with a walking stick, and took a brief look at Andrei.

"Would you give us a moment, Samuel"

"Yes, sir..." replied Samuel

As soon as the door shut, Mr. Phillipe shook Andrei's hands for some prolonged moments as he looked straight in his eye with intent, Andrei couldn't help but smile as a way to diffuse the tension.

"He even has my eyes..." said Mr. Phillipe with a fainted voice as a tiny drop of tear escaped from the corner of his eye, he quickly wiped it with his handkerchief and turned away facing the fireplace.

Andrei looked puzzled at the statement but maintained his composure.

"I created RineX Tech to solve a problem that has plagued most of my adult life, the search for my son..." said Mr. Phillipe with his gaze transfixed on the fire-place.

Andrei could feel the hairs on the skin rise with suspense and intrigue.

"When you applied for our internship a few weeks ago and submitted your bio-data into our system, we analyzed it thoroughly with a lot of background checks and concluded that there is a 99 percent chance that you are my son"

"What do you mean, Sir..." Andrei asked, he took a look around wondering if he was in a dream.

"Listen my boy... Ahem..." Mr. Phillipe coughed "I don't have much time left, I have a terminal illness with a few weeks to live, my only solace is that I found you by a stroke of luck, now I can pass on my legacy"

"I-I don't even know what to say" Andrew was short of words, he felt a rush of anger, relief, and pity.

"I'm sorry for the lost time, me and your mother, we were young and dumb, she had her issues and so did I... I tried to find you later on but you were lost in the system..."

Andrei took a deep breath and exhaled loudly triggering a rush of tears down his cheeks.

"Would you please come sit with me..." said Mr. Phillipe with a faint voice as he sat beside the fireplace.

Andrei took slow steps towards Mr. Phillipe and sat down beside him, they both talked and listened to each other throughout the night until the following day.

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