Your Mind, Your Passion

Anna Shvets

Mr Patel is a very discipline man who always loves his children. He never for once joked with all of.her kids as he has three kids. I'm one of his children and I love my dad because of the way he took care of my siblings and I. He loves all of us. I'm the eldest among them and the first daughter. I never joke with my siblings and I always take care of my siblings. Since the death of my mum, my dad has been the only one taking care of us all.

One day, when one of my siblings came back home from school, he was crying bitterly saying he failed in his exams. I decided to go to their school and talked to one of his teachers to take care of him and to handle him in extra moral classes. I also talked to my brother to keep on reading that one day he shall come out successful. I made him understand that failure is not the end of life, but thinking of the way out of the failure should be the way out. I spoke sense to him and made him understand the reality of life. It was then he started crying more and more until he later made me understand that he do not love going to school. He told me that he wants to learn to work instead that his capacity for schooling is zero. I was so confused on what to say and what to tell my dad.

Just that afternoon, I called my dad to tell him about what my little brother say to me. My dad did not object but still say some words of advice to my little brother. My brother's name is Kelvin. Kelvin was in junior secondary school when he left school for business. It was so great to see my little brother progressing in his business. He loves his business so much and indeed was comfortable with it. He is a great trader and has his business extended to some parts of other countries. He never for once joked with his business.

After some years, he got married to a beautiful and kind woman. The girl Kelvin got married to had never for once joked with my other siblings and I. This was because of the way Kelvin takes to her about us, his family. It has been four years now that Kelvin got home and when it was the fifth year, he came home to see our dad with his wife and two kids, luckily I was home to see my dad as well. When I saw his children, I was surprised but forgot to ask from him who they were Kelvin called my.sad and I to say that they are here. I was surprised with the statement because I only saw him and his wife. He told us that his children are also here. Wow...they are so cute and nice just like Kelvin.

Kelvin, who is a businessman, happened to give birth to children who never joked with their schools. They love going to s hook and this was because of the notion their father, Kelvin have to them. He also loves his kids so much just like the way our dad love us. This means that he has taken after our dad who always remains disciplined at all cost and also to us the children.

When you have love for your children, the love will extend to their children in the long run. So, to be sincere, education is not only the way out but one can make it with or without it. This is why many people.ow embark on trading and doing any kind of business that can get the income.

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