Wrong Accusation

Emre Can Acer

I was about to proceed on the peace treaty which our long sent us to, but unfortunately, I was deprived of going just because of something I was not aware of. This made me feel so disappointed for this would be my last hope and in the end, was deprived. I was not ready to retreat as I was ever ready to follow tothem.

The six men that left were captured and placed in prison. This means we all would have been placed in prison if not that I was stopped from going. So, I was now placed as the only one who can save the six men. I now realize the reason why they stopped me from going. If I had given with them, no one would have the mind of leaving the other men to save the six men who left for the peace treaty. I was the youngest among them and the only warrior while others were just like chiefs.

After that day, the king called me to gather some warriors to go ahead to save the others. The truth was that I know in and out of the land of Amafa. They are seen as the strongest land in my area but to be sincere are so weak. They are just leaving with the past glory. All the strong men are old and some of which are no more while those out there are the young weak ones. The king of the land of Amafa is also the weakest. I saved them for seven years and I know what they can do and what they cannot. I also know the loopholes and the escape route.

Three days later, my group and I secretly went to the land of Amafa to save my men. On getting there, the whole people of the community had gone to the market square just to have a meeting with the king of the land. This has been their culture on this day and no one can stop them from having this meeting. It includes both old and young. It was a perfect move and no one would be in the palace except some of the guards and the maidens. We went through the escape route which happened to be underground. When we got to the palace, we met one guard guarding my sex men. My thought was that they would be up to several men. When we got there, I threw sleeping powder towards the guard unknowingly, whereas we had already worn a mask to save us from being contacted. A few minutes later, the guard fell asleep.

We took our men and took off. On our way going, I told my men to go ahead. I went back to the palace just to find out the reason why the king has been having hatred for my land. So, they went ahead to my land. The land was in a state of confusion when I got back questioning the guard to speak up and tell them what had happened. The fact remains that the guard did not see anyone coming to rescue the six men and did not know what to say. I hide myself hearing the king's voice. After a while, I had to appear to the king in the palace when he was alone. He had told the guards to search thoroughly if they could see any traces and so no guard was in the palace at that moment. This was how I had to enter the king's chamber and he was shocked to see me in his chamber. He could not say a word as he is the weak type. I asked him to tell me the reason why he is fighting with our land. He immediately told me everything.

I ask him to give me the opportunity to make things right and the accusation against our land was not done by us rather by one of his chiefs.

So, I was given the order to find out the truth. I had already told the king that my land has nothing to do with the issue of taking away their Oracle, instead, one of them should be involved. I was the one they were all pointing accusing fingers on as I have been in the land for years. This was what the king told me and I need to clear the air by finding the culprit.

I knew the only chief who is capable of doing something like this and I decided to go straight to him in disguise because no one must see me in the land of Amafa. I have been moving in disguise pretending to be a Merchant covering my face just like the Arabian. When I got to the Chief's house, it took me an hour to enter his chamber since he had some stubborn guards who were not ready to give chances. After they left to take a rest, I entered. The truth was that Chief Kalan is the wicked chief in the community, but people have seen him as the saint just because of some influence he had. At a time, he had it in mind to overthrow the present king which I knew about. He had told me to help him out but I refused his offer.

Now, when the guards had gone to rest, I entered his chamber and met him sleeping just like a goat. I immediately woke him up with a knife placed on his neck. He could not say a word. I asked him to tell everyone in the community that he is the green snake pretending to be true, but he refused. I also told him that his daughter that he so cherished was under my care and she would not make it if he failed to tell the truth to his people to free my land from the accusations and the tagged name. When he heard that his daughter was under my care, he had to tell me that he would tell the truth when it was Dawn. When it was Dawn, I could not find him not knowing that he was on his way to check if his daughter was really with me. I quickly got his scope and went to intercede him. He came back begging me that his reputation would be tarnished.

Meanwhile, I went with another chief as the king instructed, to meet up with him to know the truth from him. The second chief was hiding in order to hear all our conversations. So, he was the one who took the words to the king. He told the king everything that he heard accordingly without missing a word.
Chief Kalan was sent for and ordered to come to the palace. He was treated as a traitor and he confessed his wrong deed in the presence of everyone in the community. The Oracle he took has not been sold and now he showed us where to get it. This was how my land was free from the allegations.

Meanwhile, my people had been thinking I had been kidnapped and would not be able to come back except when they came to my rescue. They had been preparing to come when I entered and they were surprised to see me with the members of the land of Amafa. It was a peaceful reconciliation and the two lands came back together once again.

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