Unprepared Mind


Walking into the realm of hope, Vanessa was the only one who always wanted to see his aim in life come to fulfillment. She is someone who does love to see people smile and does things to the likeness of people. This is why everyone as well as his parents always praise her to the fullest. The only odd thing in her life is the aspect of talking too much. She loves arguing to the last point and loves taking issues so seriously. She had lived all her lives having the focus that one day she would become a lawyer. Everyone had seen the real and true picture of a barrister within her.

She was waiting patiently for the breeze of faded hope in her to get off the air. This heat was as a result of the disagreement between her parents and future ambition. She aimed to become a lawyer as she always saw the lawyers as the most intelligent people. Her parents on the other hand wanted him to go for medicine and surgery. This was not part of her ambition. Vanessa is the kind of person who does not want to see her parents apart and also the type who can never disobey her parents. The only thing she loves most is to wink her coloured eyes to blossom the petal to the eyes of the one who loves it mostly.

How would she convince her parents so that she can go for her call? She had never for once loved sciences just because of her nature towards doctors. When her mum fell sick, she accompanied her to the hospital and what she saw doctors doing got her out of the line of medical field. She immediately ran out and never returned to the hospital.

Going for what fits me should be my aim. How and to what medium should I use to convince my parents in order to allow me to do what I love as passion? Vanessa said to herself.

She was done with her secondary school and with science subjects as said by her parents. Vanessa only places passion with all seriousness into doing what she never loved doing. She was a brilliant type who everyone had seen to be one. She is good anywhere she finds herself, but better in the field she loves

She related the issue to her principal in the school she passed out from. She told him to call her parents to order, but after talking to them, they still did not agree with her and told her to give them what they wanted. Vanessa took the decision to study what her parents wanted her to study. She went for medicine and surgery in university when she was still young. She was of the age of 15 when she went to the university. She studied so hard to make her parents' dream come true. After seven years of studying, she finally got out with the best result.

Vanessa went home with a tattered and untidy face but her coloured eyes still looked so magnificent. During the course of study, she met a guy who gave her some nice advice. They were dating and were lovely being together. No element of separation between them since Jonathan was doing so well in his studies. He never wanted to give up and never wanted his girl, Vanessa to also give up instead kept on giving her concrete advice that could revive her soul.

This was not her path, but her parents'. When she got home after collecting her result, she told her parents to keep their favorite father for her whereas she went back to school to study her choice. To become a lawyer was her choice and her ambition. She has always dreamt of her life seeing herself just like a barrister.

Vanessa's story became a nice one as the tide turned to her favor. It was a great war for her, but she later fought out the war and came out to be a barrister. Her dream became perfect and her ambition was fulfilled. She is now a lawyer with great influence where she was called to the bar. Her parents who were taking her ambition for granted turned out to be addressed as barrister's parents. It was a pride for them and they had no choice other than to remain happy with Vanessa.

I went for my parent's choice and became successful with a deep down unsuccessful career, but with my choice, I'm somebody people would reckon with. Vanessa said in a speech she was delivering in a workshop that was organized by the state government.

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