The Cheerful Vampire


The Cheerful Vampire

Why are people so happy? Cheerful and don't give a damn what's going on in their miserable lives? How do they cope? Opening wide the corners of their mouth and letting out a horrible noise called laughter? Or was it just me or was everyone just insane or was I insane?


I knew the purring sound. Ottis stretched its paws and yawned la
zily. It was a lazy burnt orange cat which wouldn't stop growing fatter because someone won't stop feeding it a thousand times a day or at least take it out for a leisure walk. It's golden eyes blinked at me, like it was begging for extra hours of cat nap.

It got bored because its owner (me) won't stop being the most boring person in the world and also the laziest, the most dirty and oddest person in the world! It was eleven o'clock in the morning and I hadn't even had a bath as usual. Maybe that was why everyone in the house never dare venture my room. My mom said it smelled like skunk and lacked enough sunshine, smelled like cat food and was an upgraded form of a garbage house…

"Vi!! Teresa is here to see you." Mom's voice echoed from downstairs.

I let out a loud grunt before I quickly changed into a cleaner dress. I jumped back into the bed, waking lazy Otis up. The golden fur crawled into my arms.

"Violet Weston… oh my God. What's the horrible stench!" Teresa scrunched her nose immediately she entered the room. She got tangled up in the spider webs and made a funny move to get it off her body. "When was the last time you opened the windows."

"At least say good morning and yeah, you sound exactly just like my mom." I rolled my eyes at her while she stuck out her tongue at me.

I saw Teresa more as my Goth twin. She was the fairy and I more of the lazy vampire. She was the only person who understood me amongst every one in my life. We had our issues but that didn't stop us from being best of friends. While I was the pig, she was a sunflower yellow and dazzling as ever. Did I forget to say she was the happiest person in the entire universe! She was even the prom queen and won Miss Bridgerton three times in a row.

"Isn't Otis the name of a cow in a cartoon?" She arched her brows, feeding her eyes with the pictures of my cat.

"Otis can be anything it wants to be bro."

"She seems to be a growing fatter than I imagined. She looks five times bigger than your pillow now." I knew where she was heading to already. One of her favorite hobbies was to criticize my golden ball of fur. "She probably needs to go for a walk, no offense."

Otis meowed in its defense and balanced itself more tighter into my arms.

"You two both need to take a walk. Aren't you tired of being some smelly vampire or some midnight wolf."

It was one of her unconvincing attempts to bring me out of the house as usual. It never did work for once. Teresa dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a blue card with ribbons at the edges. She threw it at me.

"You know that guy, Robbin? Everyone calls him Robinhood."

"You mean mean Robbin with the swelling head that would never fit a crown if he ever dreams of becoming the king of the school?" I sneered while she gave me a Stern look.

Robin Sky was the most popular guy in school, brilliant, awesome,sports guy, model and everything some random girl who loves pink would fall in love with immediately. No he wasn't proud. He was lively and ugh that word I hate… remind me again? Cheerful!

"What happened to him?"

"Well, he invited us- you especially to his party?"

My jaw dropped and my eyes went oogly like the ones in cartoon. "He knows I'm Vi right? Violet Weston?"

"Well, he wants to be your friend…"

Laughter that had hidden somewhere unknown in my belly for years finally came out of my mouth. "You've got to be kidding me. Does he know they call me the Skunk Kid in school and also the Smelly Vampire?"

Teresa nodded her head in affirmation but I didn't stop laughing. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

Teresa gave me a mischievous grin and poured dramatically. "Well you've got two options_ I'll take your cat for a walk or you follow me to the party."

Otis meowed and shrieked at the same time, its tiny claws scratching my arms. The cat was no way ready to come outside to the sunshine of a world.

"You can't say no to poor little kitty Otis." She teased.

"Fine. Whatever. One hour in the so called party and we're done."

"I promise." She squealed happily. It annoyed me a lot, that happiness that seemed to contractable, not when it comes to me anyways.

She had screamed at my fashion sense. The black pair of trousers and black denim jacket with skull and crossbones seemed to gothic and scary for such a season of the year. She opted one blue gown, the shade of the sky. My mom had gotten it for me as a gift last Christmas and I swore never to wear it.

I did wear it at the end and I find it unbelievable to believe that I looked extremely beautiful in it.

"This is the pretty look you've been hiding for years…"

I was ready to start the world now, be the cheerful happy swan.

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