The Bank

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The Bank

Growing up as a child back in the day is now a memory as it is a thing of the past. When I was a child, I was so gentle and did not joke with money. I have a passion to save my money even to the last level.

My sister would come to me to ask for money. She would say "please, Abi!!! I need money to cater for something. Can you please lend me some amount? I would tell her "you should know me too well that I don't joke with money and not even the one close to me". After much pressure, I would lend her the money. I will place a time limit on which the money would last. Please, don't let the money be up to the time you would want to return it. I always allow those coming for money to place a time that would suit them to return the money. This is where I have to act whenever the money is not forthcoming.

I love taking care of money to the fullest. As a child, I never wanted anyone to overrule me when it comes to the aspect of money. I just believe that money is hard to get but so easy to spend. When you have money, you would love to spend it anyhow but to me, I don't instead must save it. To some extent, anytime I buy something for myself, I still find it so painful to spend that money. I don't use my money to buy food, instead, I must eat from home anytime I'm off from school. I save and take pain to save to my last level.

This same growing habit is what I have taken to this moment. The first time I got married to my husband, I always wanted him to save as he does not save. He always wanted to spend all he had on things not necessary, but I stopped that habit, instead inculcating in him the habit of saving. I was his bank and he would never dare ask for money unnecessarily or else I would reject him.

There comes a time when my husband wants to buy something tangible, I do tell him not to buy it because of the cost. Sometimes he buys without my consent and can never tell me the amount he used to buy the items.

After a few months of marriage, he finally got me a business which I'm getting savings from. I started saving and anytime he asks for money from me, I don't give him without tangible reasons. He must make me understand the fact that he needs the money or else, he is on his own.

The fact remains that, as time went on, the habit began to wear away gradually leaving me with no choice but to start giving him any time he asked. I was so mean when it comes to the money aspect, but I think this habit of mine has gone to sleep. The only thing I still kept in me is the habit of making my husband save instead of squandering his money anyhow. This is the best I would do for him.

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