In The Real Realm

In The Real Realm

Jake is a young boy whose father died when he was still in his mother's womb. The mother was pregnant and decided to relate the issue of her pregnancy to her husband when he was at work. Mr Roma was on his way back from work while his face was filled with joy and happiness. It was a great day for him after hearing the news of his wife's pregnancy. They have been expecting a child for all this while and after twelve years of marriage, now it is time to live happily and indeed happy with his wife and child. So, on his way back from work he quickly branches at the supermarket to get his wife some gifts. After getting some flowers and some special items for his wife, Mr Roma was on his way home when he got in an accident and was rushed to the hospital. He could not survive the pain and died. Before he died, he told his wife to take care of his unborn child and should make sure to hide all his pictures from his childhood until he is 10 years of age.

It has been 7 years now since the accident and Jake has been living with his mom and everything he needs was provided to him as promised. She never mentioned anything about his dad to him but she kept it at the bottom of her heart. She only had it that on the very day he was going to clock ten she would illustrate everything to him. All these were planned successfully until one grateful afternoon Jake was playing in the courtyard when he was bored. He went into his room and brought out his sketching pad which he named my half-life. He placed it properly on the wall and started his world of art. He grabbed his charcoal pencil and perfectly placed it on his sketchbook. He made a curve swiftly and fixed every corner with unreasonable marks placing it from right to left making good progress on the sketch pad.

Jake was not just thinking of anything else while sketching until after 10 minutes he was done. He rounded up and removed the sketchbook away from the wall. That was when his mum came in smiling broadly at him. Jake stood up and went to give his mum a warm hug as she carried him up in her arm and went to the side of his bed, he got down from her arm and went to pick up the drawing he made. Her mum collected it from him and gasped in surprise. She looked at the drawing and couldn't figure out what to say to him instead tears were already rolling down from her cheeks. Jake was dumbfounded to see his mum crying. He couldn't tell what was making her tear up especially after seeing his drawing. He kept wondering what it was when his mum carried him and hugged him once again. He only lay in her arms since he didn't figure out what and why his mum was in tears.

Jake's mum kept it and could not say a word of what was disturbing her instead she told Jake that she was just admiring the way he made the drawing. She told him that the painting was just too beautiful and she never believed he would be able to draw something so special just like this.

Jake was in primary school and was doing so great. He was given a double promotion in his school just because of the kind of talents he has. The whole teachers in his school were proud of him as he has a brilliant brain and also a sharp brain. He is fast in knowing and recognizing things. His tactics of making a painting made one of his teachers give him his picture to paint for him. Jake painted the picture without a doubt. What he painted was the perfect match and the exact photo he was given. This made his teachers love him so much. There is nothing and no mathematics he cannot solve.

It's ten years and time for her mum to tell him the whereabouts of his dad. She went to Jake's room and brought out the painting he made to the parlour. She also brought out all the pictures of Mr Roma, his husband. Then, she called Jake and also his uncle, Mr Bright. When Jake came into the parlour, he was surprised to see his painting I'm the parlour instead of his room. Jake did not say a word but was waiting for what his mum had to say.

Without wasting time, Jake's mum quickly told Jake that his dad is not in the States and is not alive. Her mum said to him that "he died when I was pregnant with you. So, on his way back from work after hearing the news of my pregnancy, he got into an accident and died. So, Jake's uncle, Mr Bright was consoling him telling him not to get worried that he will take care of him as usual. His mum brought out his father's photos and Jake was surprised to see his painting was the same as his dad. He quickly took his mum, "was this the reason you were crying the day you saw my painting?" His mum responded that "I could not hold it other than to shed tears immediately I saw the painting you made".

Jake lived and was given his father's will including the ones his mum did not disclose initially. So, Jake's mum gave him everything that his late husband left behind to his son Jake.

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