Caging Is Not The Solution

Mikhail Nilov

Anita is a girl who knows how to make things happen in her way. She is lovely but has a problem. The only problem she has is loneliness. Anita does not love staying with people and does not love mingling herself with people around. The only thing she does is stay indoors. Her parents for not loving disturbing her instead left her behind.

One fateful day, Anita's dad happened to call her to caution her of her tactics of staying at home. He advised her to always come out of the house to mingle with people around. Anita told her dad not to waste his time because she will stick to her nature. The only place she goes out to is just to buy foodstuffs in the market and to go to the church. Even while in secondary school, she is always in her classroom reading without going out even during the break. Anita was a girl of herself and a girl who loves what she has and what she can do. She was supposed not to be indoors but now she has been so lazy hiding in her room.

Anita's daddy's name was Mr Adams. She loves giving Anita time anytime she is going out to get or buy something. He stated that she must spend the stipulated time given by him. So, this has been the rule of their house and she must not break the rules no matter what. This has made her so dull and also made her remain indoors because when she goes out, she must watch time before coming back home. Anita's mum sent her to the market to buy some foodstuffs in the market. Mr Adams has her just one hour (1hr) to come back home from the market. When she got to the market, as she was sent to buy several food items, she could not get some of them. Those items she was sent and she began to look all over the market if she could get the item but all her effort was to no avail.

She was supposed to take her wristwatch along to help her observe where the time was but she left it at home unknowingly. So, she decided to check the time from the last place she got her last item. To her surprise, time was not in her favor as she only. has 15 minutes left. Anita decided to take a motorcycle home to make her hasten up. On her way home she got into an accident which landed her in the hospital. While in the hospital, she was thinking of how her dad would react to the time she had wasted.

Mr and Mrs Adams began to search all over the market for their daughter after spending more than four hours. The doctor told Anita after reviving to out a call through to her daddy or her mummy which she did. Immediately her dad answer the calls and ask her where she was. Anita responded I'm in the hospital. Mr Adams was shocked to have heard this sad news. After some minutes of calling, Mr Adams arrived as well as Anita's mum. They saw their daughter on the sickbay who had sustained just a scratch on her foot. They could now waste time but made the doctor treat Anita and was given some drugs to make her feel comfortable.

Anita was a little comfortable and told the dad about the effect of the rule he has given. She said to her dad "this rule of giving me time made me so dull and made me always indoors. I have become so lazy and do not know how to relate to people around my area. Setting time for me does not make me come out of this situation I'm in right now. So, Daddy, I want to come out of the house so that I can receive fresh air and mingle with my mates." Mr Adams responded, "just today, I was so cooled and was furious while searching for you. I don't want to go out there and be just like some of these girls out there. I want you to be a good girl and the one I can boast of, but after critical observations, you are turning out to be something I don't understand. Now that you have opened up your mind, I will now remove the timing I always give to you, but you must make sure you become a good girl and must not do what will make me hate you." Anita responded I won't disappoint you. I will always be a good girl.

After some months, she was now going out and leaving the house to meet up with some of her mates. She lived to be the good girl that her dad wants her to be.

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