A Blossom Moment

Michael Zittel
It looked like my world had crumbled and crashed right before my eyes. There's nothing left to reactivate my promising future. My hope was lost. The people who made life meaningful to me had been taken away by the evil monster, DEATH!!

To start with, I am Erica Mornes, the one and only child of my parents. I am the girl with a pretty face, nice name, stunning figure and appealing eyeballs. To cap it all, I dance. I started dancing when I was 5 years old (I am 21 now.)
My parents are gone and I want to make them proud. I want to make the most of every single thing they once wished for.

I don't need you, Fred, I can live on my own. I'm young but capable of a small world, I cried.
"Look Erica, you need me. I can't live a luxurious life when you are suffering". Fred said.
The argument continued until there was nothing left for me to say. Fred Mornes is my cousin. I was eating my breakfast that very morning when I heard a knock on the door. Speaking of the truth, I was speechless.
After the heated argument, I packed my clothes in a travelling bag and left the house. I was heading to a dance college.l used half of my savings to pay for the fee.
Hello ma, I gestured
"Erica Mornes?" a fat woman, probably the overall music leader asked,
Yes ma
"Mrs Flora's apartment is located at the rare end of this building".

"Thanks, ma'am".
Well, I was wrong, Mrs steel (the fat woman) was the cleaner. With hope and confidence, I trekked to the described area. Thankfully, I saw a very large Serene house, with no gate, blue paint, a spacious garden, and dozens of cars packed in the surrounding area. After breathing heavily, I pressed the doorbell, no response. Oh God, please help me "I prayed silently.

"Who is it ", a tiny voice bellowed.
"It's me, ma'am, Erica Mornes"
"Oh Erika, please come in", she beckoned.
Slowly, I opened the door and dragged my luggage along with me. OMG!!! The sitting room was extremely large. I have seen sitting rooms but this one is matchless and incredible. Every piece of furniture and design in the room spelt money.

Being sure that I'd seen enough, Mrs Flora tapped me.

"Oh sorry ma'am, I was lost"

"Never mind"


Do you have any apartments in mind? She asked.

Em… Not yet ma'am

Well, my kids are not here anymore neither is my husband, so you could stay with me. What do you think?

Seriously? Oh my God… I'm so grateful. I said, almost screaming.

Don't bother

"If I may ask, where is your family?"

"They are dead"

Oops!! So sorry ma'am for bringing back your memories"

Oh no!! Don't worry. They died in a car crash.

My parents died in a car crash too.

"So sorry". Mrs Flora sympathized.

I have gotten over it

Well, you are my daughter now.

I will do everything I couldn't do for my kids. Do you agree?

"Yes", I said as I absentmindedly hugged her.

That day marked the very beginning of my career. Mrs Flora was like a mother to me. I started living like a queen.

Finally, the day is here, the grand finale of the 13th dance competition. The CEO of Dior Express was going to be around. I must win and I surely will. Dior Express is a fashion and modelling company.

Different opposing groups were present. I headed "The young stars" group sponsored by Mrs Flora. The competition began, I danced with energy and feeling. Our presentation was natural. Without a doubt, the CEO was impressed.

Finally, the results were announced.
Guess what?... We won. I could not hold back the tears. Mrs Flora cried too.

I was about to enter my car when a young man called me. He was the CEO.

Here's my card

Thanks, I said happily.

I want you to work with Dior Express

What?!!! I will be fulfilled if I work with you, Sir. Thank you….

No problem, he said as he smiled, revealing his glistering set of teeth.

And that was how I began to shine.

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