Is there any bond between friends?

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Anytime I remember this story, I always thank God for the supernatural connection that exists among friends.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you wanted to call on a friend but you could not but all of a sudden they appeared.

Or maybe you wanted to call on somebody but before you could dial their number, their call came in.

This is what happened to me on the 2nd of February, 2002.

It was past 12pm and our exam is suppose to start by 3pm that same day. On a normal day, I had always wanted to leave house to exam hall but I had to go to the bank to withdraw the money sent to me. Except I withdraw the money, I will not have anything to eat. Do you know anyone that goes to the exam hall without eating and pass that course? I doubt such a person will pass that paper.

I rushed out of my room and head to the bank. POS is not common then so I have to get to bank to withdraw. After bypassing the long queue, I was standing in front of the teller waiting for my money when she told me that the money in my account is not up to the amount on the teller. ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

Wait, what do you mean?

How come, I just received the alert not quite long and I did not receive any alert that I have been debited.

She explained that it is my outstanding charges and I could not blame her. Its been long since the account was credited.

I had to fill another withdrawal slip which I did grudgingly. By the time I checked the time, it was few minutes to 3pm. I could not even eat again as I started going to school for my exam. Maybe I should have waited for the exam before going to the bank but the bank would have closed.

I was on my way to school when I realized that I did not take my exam pass along with me.

If I should go back home to pick it, I will surely miss the exam because I will be late to the exam hall.

I was confused.

I heard you saying why can't I take a bike with the money that is with me.

I dare not do that because bank has already slashed the money and the one with me will not be enough for feeding not to talk of transport.

I summoned courage and decided to continue my journey knowing fully well that there is a very slim chance, if there is any at all, for me to write an exam without the exam pass.

When I got to school, we are already entering the exam hall. When I wanted to enter, the most dreadful thing happened.

Our Bursar asked them to stopped that everybody in the hall should come out.

There is no justification. In fact there is no chance for me again.

The Bursar told the invigilators to request for our exam pass before we were allowed to enter the exam hall.

As I turned back in distress, I heard my name.


I can never misinterpret that voice. That was Jesse, my friend.

I turned back and he was approaching me. He, James, Janet and Jane.

Yeah, they call us J5.

I was surprised to see them in school that day because they are all in the same department and I am very sure they are not having any paper that day.

I am worried and it is written all over my face.

Jane was the first to greet me while Jesse gave me a knock on the head. I cannot object, he is taller than me so there is no point dragging with him and at that moment, my current situation does not align with that. I just want to go and get my exam pass so that I can write.

I told them I am coming that I have to reach home as soon as possible because I forgot my exam pass.

Janet busted into laughter and I became furious but I have to take it.

After little prank, Jesse handed over my exam pass to me.

Yeah, they're here with my exam pass.

I could not wait for any story again, I just thanked them and went straight to the hall for my exam.

After the exam, Jesse told me that they did not have exam that day but they have a meeting that was scheduled by their departmental president.

Since the meeting and my exam was the same time, they went to house that we might leave home together but I was not around.

You should better thank James because he was the one that wanted to drink water that made us entered your room and saw your exam pass on the floor.

Do you mean the water that I did not find? James asked jokingly.

I narrated my ordeal to them and they all laughed.

We went to our usual joint for food before heading home before we start preparing for the following the day because we were having a general paper the following day.

If they've not come to school that day, I might miss the exam but thank God they're here to save me from the stress or maybe it was a psychological connection that exists between friends because I did not have any explanation regarding what happened that day.

This is my entry to #theinkwell weekly prompt.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am

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