Williams the GREAT!

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
– Steve Jobs

This quote must have been ringing in Williams’ head. He would always nod his head in one corner of his room repeating these words often and often.

Williams was born disabled, but he never gave up on his ambitions. His dad once asked him what he would love to be in the future. Williams said!

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Dad! I would love to be a man of great virtues.

His dad said to him. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”

These few lines from his dad had made rays of hope for Williams. Though he is not like everyone, he can be like anyone…

Williams got enrolled in his primary education so late. He was three times older than his mates. This would make them laugh at him but Williams did something exceptional. He never minds them making a joke of him. Instead, he took that as an opportunity to overshadow them.

He was serious with his academics, though it was giving him a tough time. He is short-sighted, so he would have to put on his eyeglass to see clearly in class and also battle with his wheelchair in support of his legs.

Williams was in the second class at college when he had to give up on schooling. He told his dad he can’t cope anymore. His dad tried to encourage him but Williams was already fed up. He wasn’t determined to give up but to focus more on something better.

He knew his life must be great!

But how to accomplish his dream was unclear and a hidden fact he didn’t know of. He knew everyone in life must be created for some reason and he can’t be an exemption.

Williams enrolled himself in a tech school where he learned the basics of computers and their accessories. Since he was deprived of walking he built all his energy towards his hands and arms. His hands got so strong and could work in place of his legs…

After a few months into his training, he became so outstanding. Williams already grabbed the knowledge he is supposed to learn over years in a few months.

His dad was a great support of his dreams. He got him a personal computer, even though it cost him a lot.

(He sold his car to get him a computer. But made sure Williams never felt that.)

With his personal computer, Williams was able to practice more and even explore more applications than he had thought.

There was a day when Williams asked his tutor about something that wasn’t clear to him. His tutor wasn’t clear about the answer to give him but he did try his best. Williams wasn’t satisfied with his tutor's answer but still held onto it. While he was at home he tried his best and it gave him sleepless nights just to make sure he got the solution to his problem.

< center>On the other hand, his tutor already met with his dad and explained how vast Williams must have gone into tech. He assured his dad that Williams would become a great man in the history of mankind. He said;

“For all my half-century into tech, I never encountered such a technical problem your son asked me.”

He encouraged William's dad to allow him to be who he wants to be.

After seven trials Williams wasn’t able to get through with the solution to his problem. He had tried several options but they never gave him a satisfying result.

It took Williams a decade before he was able to get the solution.

After several attempts for years, It was in the middle of the night while he was still battling with the codes, he already built an artificial intelligence (AI) application that could take perfect control over robotics. He knew it might not be the real deal but all his trials over the years must result in something.

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After several attempts, he finally got to hit the nail on the head. He burst out in tears! After the first drop rolled down his face. He remembered his dad's words to him, He knew his dad's words would come to pass someday!

He screamed joyously!

Yaaaaay! I DID IT!! kissing his fist.

He crawled down to his father's room and met his father on his way to his room too. The two of them hugged each other and said it loudly

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.

Due to his invention, Williams got a letter from the international institute of technology.

Hello Williams, this is the international institute of technology and we congratulate you on the success of your application.

We would like to have an interview with you, it’s also a privilege to have you work with us here in the institute. We appreciate your efforts and non-stop dedication toward your achievements.

Thank you.

Williams attended the live interview where he was questioned about how he dropped out of schooling in pursuit of his ambition as a computer technologist and the challenges he must have encountered being disabled.

After a few years in the institute, Williams was awarded the BEST INVENTOR OF THE CENTURY.

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Williams' story became a case study for everyone who would want to go into technology.

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