The wicked stepmother


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John was the only son of his mum and the last born of the family. This means his father has two wives while his mother was the second wife and was only able to give birth to John alone. She tried but it was all a NO. That’s just something about life. What’s bound to happen would surely happen. John’s mother became so ill for days that she had to be admitted to the hospital. She was an apple of the eye to her husband. John's father would have to leave home to the hospital each day and at times sleep beside her in the hospital sickbay. Even the nurses testified to their amazing love life.

John’s stepmom took control over the entire house in the absence of her husband and other family members. She would order her children to prepare her all sorts of meals and make them overfeed and waste the food. James, John's father never knew what was happening at home since he is not used to staying home with them. This was a gap John's mother had been filling up for the past years in her marriage.

Her illness became critical over time as she went into a coma. She wasn’t herself anymore; she might have just crossed over to the other world and even forgotten her only begotten son. With John's mother out of the house, he began to receive tough times from his stepmom who would always maltreat him and punish him for no reason. She has been looking for a way to send him out of the home. But he was a cool and well-disciplined child, he endured the pain and had hoped that one day his mum would be back home to him again.

John had endured a home without his mum for two years now. Then he asked his stepmom about his mom and she told him “your mum is never coming back here, and you would also have to leave this home for us too”. Your dad is a stupid man for marrying your mother and giving birth to you. A few days later James came home crying bitterly. Seems something bad just happened. He couldn’t believe he lost his dearest wife so soon. He could not endure the pain for so long before he was found dead in his room a few months after as a result of high blood pressure.

John's stepmom immediately took full control over the house and sent John out of the home. She already thought of inheritance, because John would have to seek his share of his father’s belongings and that was quite the normal thing to be done. But while he was out at a young age he forgot all about it. And started a new life as an orphan.

After many years when John was already grown up, he was in his room when the thoughts of his parents came to mind. He was so sad as he continued glancing at the necklace his dad gave him before his demise. He discovered it wasn’t just an ordinary necklace but there is an opening. After opening it he saw some numbers inscribed on it. He dialed the number and it was the insurance company his dad worked with, they told him his dad already willed all his inheritance in John's name. So John should feel free to come and claim them all.

When John arrived at the company he realized how big his father's company was and the farm he started a few years back was all willed to his name. They also handed an envelope to him saying “We miss you so much, grow and continue to stay strong our boy”. John wept bitterly but started a new life after.


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