Mr. Rohan to the rescue

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Mr. Rohan was appointed as the new laboratory head and was assigned on a mission to research what could be the cause of the volcanic eruption happening in the city of Lisbon.

It was early morning on the 10th day of the 10th month, everyone in the city heard the strange voice echoing from a distance and it was kinda surprising. They had thought it was just some kind of thunderstorm but the weather never looked rainy at all.

Some of the citizens in the country have just called the emergency center. Within minutes they were already there. They checked what could be happening over there and realized it was some kind of hot thick liquid pouring out of the ground. It might have started overnight.

The emergency unit created a barricade between the citizens of the city and the eruption. Then they called on the laboratory and research unit to be prepared for an emergency assignment. Mr. Rohan wasn’t around at the time of the incident. He went on another assignment.

The elite team gathered themselves and took permission from Mr. Rohan. They were on constant video coverage with him to seek emergency assistance as the case may be.

The emergency team arrived and saw the eruption. They showed Mr. Rohan and he told them not to worry about the eruption because it is a natural disaster called a volcano.

The team was about to leave before they heard another noise from behind. The earth started crumbling. Everyone was scared and the team was dismissed immediately.

They lost connection with Mr. Rohan, he already felt something serious had happened. He returned to Lisbon in an emergency. Then he got to the scene to see if everyone was safe. It was another disaster called the earthquake, Mr. Rohan concluded.

Everyone needs to evacuate the city for the moment till further research could be carried on. Before sunset, everyone has moved from the City to Maldonado, some miles away from Lisbon.

The emergency unit prepared their apparatus and fixed some monitoring cameras at specific locations of the city and took their leave for further research at Maldonado.

The emergency unit of Maldonado heard the news of the arrival of Mr. Rohan and his team. It’s been a long time since they worked together with him. They went to the station to await them. His arrival got longer than expected.

All of a sudden Uthman sighted a spaceship from afar. Then he shouted, “They’re here!!!”.
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This is my entry to the Inkwell prompts for the week “They’re here”

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