CyberBuzz Radio: I Hosted A Community Q&A For the Upcoming Hive Blockchain Hardfork 25 with Other Witnesses and Core Devs

Feel free to watch the replay if you missed it live or want to see it again. I'm working on pulling out and editing down the audio separately.

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This year has been an insanely busy year, and I often don't post these days because I'm caught up in doing. I recognize this statement is getting old, but it remains true. However, one of my favourite self-inflicted jobs around the blockchain is to help bridge the gap in tech knowledge between anyone who may want to learn, and the open source code that we run to make the Hive blockchain go. There's a lot about blockchain, crypto, and development at any level in the stack that can be really intimidating, but it really shouldn't be. As someone who came here to share pictures of the world, I managed to wander far afield, very off track, and fell head first into node running (witnessing), project management, community development, and ecosystem volunteering.

A lot of this stuff I don't record to the chain or don't bring to the spotlight (though, often other people will makes posts utilizing my work) and while that's generally the way I prefer it, I acknowledge that this means that you might miss out on the few interesting and relevant things that I do do. In this case, you may have missed this really valuable live conversation helping to explain some of the pokey bits of the forky thing.

To TL;DR skip most of this post and get to the meat of the video, head down to the "Here's what we cover" subheading now.

Over the course of the past year, I've spent an inordinate amount of time working on outreach/liaising with exchanges and outside companies or between our developers and the codebase or our developers and each other (or literally everyone with everyone, so in the likely event you've ever run into Naggy Crim, I'm sorry, and you're welcome); helping manage the day to day everything from answering emails for the ecosystem to helping translate some of the technical aspects of what's happening into posts, informational copy, and fact checking that make our blockchain evolution more accessible; create graphics, PR outlines, manage livestreams for dev meetings or AMAs or take calls with reporters, marketers, and tech groups; helping Hive-based ecosystem projects get better known, solve their pain points or grow their userbases; teach newbies one on one in communities on and off chain both in text and in live voice connection events; writing code and working with my own projects; and yeah, being one half of a consensus witness team.

Somewhere in that particular morass, I've been hosting radio shows with a live video aspect- livestreaming for the podcast generation, let's call it- about music and tech for more than four years. These are incredibly important to me, and they don't always get the love they deserve because of how busy I am, but I'm starting to really ramp them up and helping them grow. One of them in general was inspired by, and continues to occasionally feature, discussion about Hive.

That's Cyberbuzz.

CyberBuzz Radio is a love affair with neon drenched disruptive tech and great synthwave music. I livestream every week with new music and artists to share, do Q&A about the Hive blockchain and beyond, with great discussions and dance parties around some of the changing aspects of our world, the crypto space, blockchain, and community. We have fun, learn a little, chat a lot, ponder whether or not we're all just replicants. In this particular case, it was a really good chance to capitalize something I do incredible well into an informative chat about what Hive and its devs have been doing really well,in a place where anyone is able to ask question and participate.


TL;DR! Here's what this live Q&A Hardfork Session covered:

This focused episode is a discussion solely on working through the release notes for the upcoming Hive hardfork- which you can access right here:

Sometimes it can be hard to follow the dev meetings, and a number of community members have been asking me questions on features and details, so I organized this particular show to have Dan (Blocktrades), Howo, and Marky hop in with all of you fabulous folk so we could talk through some of the upcoming changes to consensus in a not-too-techy, laid back community chat. We work through the entire release candidate in terms of consensus changes (blockchain rules), talking about each of the features on the way, and answering questions as they came up.

  • new operation and API to enable recurrent transfers
  • new operation and API to convert Hive to HBD
  • expire old governance votes
  • changes to curation window and curation rewards calculation
  • only pay interest on HBD held in savings account
  • don't allow voting on expired proposals
  • allow shortening the end date of a proposal
  • re-allow vote operation for already paid posts
  • temporarily set hardfork date for TESTNET to June 1st

We bring it to a close discussing a bit more on future coredev work, some explanation on the importance of deploying node and custom configurations with modular Hivemind, and with the *tentative* (subject to change pending testing) hardfork date of end of June (around the 30th.) There will be much more official comms coming out from Hive accounts shortly, so don't worry that this post, or any of the others that you are worrying you've already missed will be the only info you have about the upcoming fork. As always, please reach out to me on any platform that you prefer: I'm here to help!

If you came out to participate in this chat, or are one of the many community members that I work with, who support me unconditionally, or who allow me to be a part of your life through these crazy blocks in chains we are building, a sincere thank you. Hope you enjoy~ have suggestions or requests? I take those too.

This episode post was generated from the original episode live stream on a portion of the rewards go to Vimm and helping support an awesome Hive dApp. It's been updated to include the replay for you to enjoy, but to get the full experience, you should absolutely head over to Vimm or my website and join me live each week!
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